Ashtanga Mysore Yoga

Our teaching is personal, with an eye for detail, skillful, respectful and dogma free.

What is Ashtanga Mysore Yoga?

Ashtanga Mysore Style: Monday - Friday Mornings

Teaching Mysore Style Yoga is the heart of what we do, but what is Mysore Style Yoga?

Mysore Style is the traditional way of practicing and teaching ashtanga yoga and was born in the Indian city of Mysore.

Participants practice at their own pace, according to their ability while the teacher provides personal guidance, advice, support and adjustments (with each student’s consent). As teachers we guide you in building up your practice incrementally according to your very own ability. This ability considers mental and emotional aspects as well as physical capacity.

The incremental elaboration of practice offers a safe and sustainable approach. It allows the body and the nervous system to integrate this potent methodology and offers potential for genuine transformation.

 Mysore class works on a drop-in basis where students arrive and finish at different times during the opening hours of the class.

We love to welcome newcomers to this practice! You can always join us with a drop-in class or a One Month Trial.

What does Ashtanga Mysore Yoga look like with us?

  • You arrive and leave at your own time.
  • I take the moment to personally check in with you as you arrive for practice (yes, I know and build a student-teacher relationship with all my students, their bodies, their practice. This way I can personalise your yoga for you as appropriate.)
  • You practice in silence only enveloped by the calming sound breathing (which I teach you.)
  • You receive 1-on-1 guidance and assistance during your practice. (You don’t need to know anything about the practice before you come for your first class. My job to teach you.)
  • My guidance and assistance is mostly non-verbal by respectful hands-on adjustments. The hands-on assists are extremely valuable. Respectful efficient touch conveys information much better than words. This can instantly bring about more awareness and understanding. (And don’t worry, all our adjustments are respectful and with consent. We never wrestle you into a pose.)
  • I also teach you by “break things down” using verbal explanation and demo, catered especially to your needs. Yet, I don’t overwhelm you. Little by little your practice unfolds, so you can digest it.
  • In case of changing life circumstances, major situations presenting, injury or illness, we together modify your practice appropriately, so you can receive its benefits also during more intense/challenging times.
  • After your practice you can enjoy a tea at the school. You get ready for the rest of your day feeling focused, relaxed and ready for anything that may present.


At our yoga school you are part of a beautiful community of practitioners where more seasoned practitioners practice alongside complete beginners. There is no hierachy, no-one is better or worse, everyone is regarded as equal. Everyone is seen.

I value the feeling of mental and energetic homecoming, the perfected adjustments, the consistent schedule and the clear instructions.

Ravi Soekhai

I really love the personal guidance and attention of the Mysore class. In my crazy busy life this shala brings me peace and quietness and gives me space to really be aware of my body and how it feels in my own pace. Maxi and her assisting teachers make a great team, love this place and glad I found it.

Mein Bish

The personal attention and input I receive for my practice, even when practicing in bigger groups is extraordinary.

Bert Oosting

Tuition Fees:

Drop-In Class:€20
10 Classes (valid for 12 weeks): €165 / 145*

1 Month: €145/month
3 Months: €125/month
12 Months: €100/month (€95/month students)

*One Month Mysore Yoga Trial for Newcomers: €99

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