COVID Safety for your in-school Mysore practice

COVID Safety for your in-school Mysore practice

We want everyone to feel as safe and comfortable as possible to attend our in-school Ashtanga Mysore practice alongside our online offering. At Bhumi Yoga we are adhereing to the safety measues and regulations of the RIVM.

Please read below on the finer details about the COVID measures at our yoga school, entering and leaving your Mysore practice so you can prepare in advance before you come to your first practice!

Stay at home (or join the online practice) if your answer is “YES” to any of the questions below”:

  • Did you experience one or more of the following (mild) symptoms in the last 24 hours?
    • Cough, cold symptoms, nausea, fever (38 degrees Celsius or higher), shortness of breath?
  • Where you diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 7 days (diagnosed with a lab test)?
  • Does a member of your household have COVID-19 and did you have contact with them in the last 14 days while they still had symptoms?
  • Are you in quarantaine because you had direct contact with someone who has COVID-19?
  • Have you recently traveled outside the country and should you be in quarataine right now?

*This, of course, also applies to the whole teaching team.

*Stay at home if you have any cold symptoms even if you had a negative COVID test.


Before coming to practice:

  • You are only granted entry to practice if you have registered for practice beforehand online. (Register HERE )
  • Please attend to your practice slot as there are only limited spaces available. You can sign out up to 7h prior to practice so that someone else may still take this practice slot (possibly from the waiting list).
  • Bring your own yoga mat and props. There will be no mats and props available at the school at this time. 

Entering the yoga school:

  • Until 25 September you are required to keep 1.5m distance outside and inside the yoga school at all times.
  • If you are a member you can enter using the door code (they key pad will be frequently cleaned). Otherwise knock (softly) at the window of Damsterdiep 46, then walk around the building to our entry door, we will open for you as soon as possible.
  • Upon entering the school sanitise your hands.
  • Respecting 1.5m distance between each other, space in our changing room is limited. It’s ok to change but don’t linger around as other people may need to use this space, too.

Entering & in the Mysore room:

  • When you are ready to enter the Mysore room please wait at the door, the teacher will come to speak to you individually. During this meeting the teacher will:
    • Check in with you and how you are doing
    • Explain about any further COVID logistics
    • Show you to your practice space
  • The window open and the air purifiers will be on throughout the entire practice time slot. Keep this in mind as you think about clothing for your practice.
  • Enjoy your practice and keep your breath calm and steady. At this point, don’t practice any breathing techniques that require a more explosive exhalation.

Physical adjustments:

At this time the teaching team will only give physical adjustments if you are OK with that. If you are OK with adjustments have an extra towel only for adjustments with you.

The teaching team will:

  • Only give you subtle adjustments if you want adjustments
  • May give more verbal instructions
  • Regularly clean all door handles.


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