Bhumi Yoga & Covid Measues

What we do and what you do, so we all feel safe at the shala

Before coming to class: Do Read!

To be able to open our shala and welcome you all for practice some of our means of operation will, for the time being, be different than what we all were used to. This will require a little bit of effort in getting used to for all of us.

Some of the measures may come across as strict but they are all there to accommodate practice at the school under the current safety guidelines while ensuring a smooth operation – this is what is possible for us under these circumstances.
We can’t know for sure but we anticipate that these measures will be in place until the end of this year and possibly longer.

If you want to come to the shala, make sure to read through the info following below. Please keep in mind that this is a new situation for us as well, as we move along some details herein may change stilll

Ashtanga Mysore Classes

Two time slots will be available for Mysore practice Monday – Thursday and on Saturday (Saturdays from September onwards).

Monday – Thursday: 

  • Mysore 06.30-08.00h: For this time slot teaching starts at 07.00h; thus if you start your practice prior to 07.00h you have to know the first part of your practice already and feel confident about it. Of course, it’s also ok to start at 07.00h or a bit later but know that you have to be out the door by 08:00h (this means clothes and shoes on before 08.00h). Door opens at 6.30h (not earlier). Opening chant is at 07.00h. *Beginning students can arrive from 6.50h onwards.
  • Mysore  08.00-9.30h: For this time slot teaching starts at 08.00h and ends at 9.20h (by 9.20h everyone is in savasana). It is ok to join after 8.00h but you have to leave the school by 9.30h. Opening chant is at 8.10h
  • Mysore 8.30h – 10.00h: For this time slot teaching starts at 09.00h, thus if you start your practice prior to 09.00h you have to know the first part of your practice already and feel confident about it. Of course, it’s also ok to start at 09.00h or later but know that you have to be out the door by 10:00h (this means shoes on and clothes on before 10.00h). Door opens at 8.30h (not earlier). Opening chant is at 09.00h.
  • Mysore 10.00 – 11.30h: For this time slot teaching starts at 10.00h and ends at 11.20h (by 11.20h everyone is in savasana). It is ok to join after 10.00h but you have to leave the school by 11.30h. Opening chant is at 10.10h.
Friday Led Class:
  • Fridays at 7.00-8.30h – you can arrive at the school from 6.40h onwards. Don’t come last minute! (This class will also be streamed live online through zoom.)
Wednesday evening Yin & Restorative Yoga Class:
  • Wednesdays 17.30-19.00h (arrive by 17.25h!). This class can be followed at the school and it will also be live-streamed through zoom so you can also follow it from the comfort of your home. 

Scheduling Classes

Adhering to the governmental measures we can only accept 12 students practicing at the school during one time slot (or class) for Mysore and 13 for the Led Primary and Yin & Restorative class. This means we all need to become more organized, that is ok – a small effort to ensure everyone can practice. Read further, and please know some of these details may still change as we better understand how all this works out practically – this situation is also new for us.


While we can accommodate less people per class with the safety measures, we still aim to have you at the school as much as possible.
From July onwards membership holders will have a monthly class credit to come to the shala for 14 classes (while using the Friday led class and Wednesday Yin class over zoom as much as wanted). We come to this number based on number of membership holders prior to the COVID situation.

Class card Holders:

Class card holders and newcomers can schedule their classes as previously using our online class registration.

Once the pre-Corona number of people practicing at our school is reached, sign-in for new people will not be possible to ensure everyone has space to practice.

Class Cancellation Policy & Waitlist

Class cancellation policy / accountability:

You can cancel your class in Momoyoga 12h prior to class start – this will then allow someone from the waiting list to join. If you know you cannot make it, make sure to cancel your appointment in time, so the limited space can be available for someone else! We expect you to show up for your scheduled practice times or cancel your spot through Momoyoga 12h in advance. For membership holders this means: For each class missed without getting in touch prior to your class by e-mail you will receive one class less class credit for the coming month. 

A Waiting list will be available in Momoyoga for all classes.

If a space comes free for a class you are waitlisted for, you will be notified by e-mail through Momoyoga at least 12 hours prior to class start.

Measurements to ensure safety, smooth operation and governmental rules:


Don’t come to the school if:

  • you feel sick, have a cough, a runny nose. 
  • you should be in quarantaine 
  • you don’t feel 100% – if the teacher doubts, s/he may send you home
  • someone in your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, has the cold or has fever
All our teachers will, of course, adhere to the same principles and stay at home in case of questionable health. 

At the School:

  • You need to register for class in Momoyoga prior to coming to the school; all class payments have to be made through Momoyoga prior to coming to class
  • Upon arrival knock on the shala window and then walk around to our entrance, don’t come before class starts – if you start your practice before 6.50h use the door code to enter.
  • Upon arrival for every practice you need to fill out a small form about possible heath issues related to corona, if you have any health issues associated with corona you sadly cannot join practice. To make this process more swift at the school you can take a few forms from the school with you and fill it in at home before you come to practice
  • Keep 1.5m distance to each other: When waiting to enter to school, in the school, outside the school.
  • Only 1 person in the entry room at a time! Thus, if you are just about to enter the school but someone is in the entry room, please wait until they move into the kitchen, then you enter.
  • Only 1 person in the kitchen at a time
  • Only 1 person at the practice room, at the chair putting shoes on at the exit door at a time.
  • There will be hand disinfectant in the kitchen, in the toilet room and at the exit of the school. The use of hand disinfectant is required when entering the kitchen to go to the shala, and also after using the toilet.
  • Take your own mat to practice, no mat storage at the school, no mat cleaning at the school. Clean your mat at home after each practice.
  • Take a small clean towel to dry hands – there won’t be any hand towels at the school.
  • Toilet use is not allowed unless it’s an emergency (I understand emergencies and will not police you; but I have to put this here).
  • Only take to the school what you really need.
  • Come in your practice clothes (or layers that you can easily take off before practice and put on after practice) – the entry room does not operate as a changing room in these times.
  • For Mysore classes: Upon entry take all your belongings with you, perhaps have a larger shopping bag with you, so you can easily put all your clothes and shoes in there. You will exit the school through the shala door (other door than where you entered) after practice.
  • When done with practice, if you left sweat on the floor, clean up the floor space with spraying some floor disinfectant on the floor and wiping it dry with your hand towel.  We will then clean your floor space again.
  • For Msyore Classes: When done with practice, gather your belongings, roll up your mat, put on your shoes at the door (there will be a chair), and leave through the shala door – all as quietly as you can 🙂 
  • We are not allowed to serve you tea. No glasses are available. 
  • Respect the closing times and organize yourself to be out the shala by 08.00h (first Mysore shift) and 9:30h (second Mysore shift) or accordingly for Saturday.
  • Only put your mat at the designated areas (there will be tape on the floor), the teacher may point you to a certain spot to minimize walking around. We will start laying down mats at the window-side first.
  • For Mysore: Come to do your ashtanga / chandra krama practice and do any other exercises at home, arrive and start with your surya A (perhaps take a few moments to sit down on your mat and breath to arrive, but start with your surya A soon after).
  • No forceful exhale pranayama & kriya practices at the school
  • We will work with few hands-on adjustments where needed, if you don’t feel comfortable with physical adjustments please let us know before your practice (we absolutely respect your choice). If you are ok with adjustments bring a second clean towel for adjustments (size of what we sell at the school). This towel is for adjustments only. Teacher will disinfect their hands after an adjustment.
  • The window will be open frequently and the ventilation will be on. It’s the teacher’s decision to close the window. If you are sensitive to draft, dress accordingly.
  • We will disinfect all doors between classes / shifts.
  • No use of shala props during the Mysore class – bring your own props if needed. Bring your own blanket.
  • For the Yin class you can use: bolster, block, strap and cushion. Bring your own blanket and eye pillow. If you use a bolster and cushion put your own large towel over the bolster / cushion.

Thank you for reading through all, quite some info but necessary for us all to familiarize ourselves with, as we take practice and safety of everyone serious, and we trust that all who come to practice at the school will work with us herein.

We are sure that through these above mentioned measures safety and smooth operation will be ensured at the school. 

Looking much forward to seeing you soon at our school again!!

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