Easy to prepare yummy glutenfree bread

For all you busy caretakers - you also need good fuel!

What’s the story?

I am sensitive to gluten. In my busy life, it’s very easy to just pack bread for breakfast and lunch… time is such a limited resource, bread is easy, right?

In my search of commercial gluten free breads I must have tried everything out there, and it’s not a great exploration to be honest. Anyone know the orange package of YAM? Well, if you do, you also know that it’s not exactly satisfying and rather tastes like eating carton. 

Thus, for taste I often stick with the biological rice bread from the bio-store down the street from the yoga school. I love this bread, but it contains gluten after all. Sticking to this (or other gluten bread) I often experience lower belly pain and brain fog. 

I also tried myself on various gluten free bead recipes. Here I am sharing my favourite. It’s first of all easy to prepare, you don’t need 100 ingredients. It’s packed with amazing nutrients and most importantly: It tastes really good.

I know some of you struggle with gluten sensitivity as well – or you just want to enjoy a really great nutritious bread, thus sharing here:


Ingredients for 1 loaf:


  •  100g pumpkin seeds
  • 100g sunflower seeds
  • 100g walnuts (or almonds, or other nuts or seeds of your choice / availability)
  • 100g buckwheat flower
  • 70g teff flower (or more buckwheat flower)
  • 3 Tbl spoons flax seed meal
  • 2 Tbl spoons phsyllium
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 Tbl spoons rice syrup or maple syrup
  • 400ml water


glutenfree bread recipe filled with good stuff for all who are busy and don't have much time


1. Roast pumpkin and sunflower seeds in a pan (without oil), stir frequently.  As soon as they colour, remove pan from stove and add to walnuts in a powerful blender or kitchen machine – blend to a flour.

2. Mix all other dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add mix in the rice syrup and water. Let the dough rest for about one hour, with a kitchen towel covering the bowl.

3. Meanwhile heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and put baking paper on a baking sheet. Form a bread loaf, approximately 6cm high, from the dough and bake it for 50 minutes.

4. Remove the bread from the oven, let is cool down completely before cutting.

5. Enjoy 🙂


I really love this bread!


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