Our teaching is specialized in the Ashtanga Mysore method, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Krama and Pranayama.
Ashtanga Yin | Restorative & Chandra Krama


Ashtanga Mysore Style

Mysore Style is a traditional and unique method of teaching and learning yoga. Each student develops a life-supporting yoga practice under personalized guidance.

Students are guided through practice with hands-on support and one-on-one guidance of an experienced teacher in a group setting. Progression through the practice occurs at an individual pace. Postures are added incrementally according to each practitioners ability and readiness. This readiness considers the mental and emotional aspects as well as the physical capacity. Students new to Ashtanga and to Mysore style are welcome and encouraged to join.

This incremental elaboration of practice offers a safe and sustainable approach. It allows the body and the nervous system to integrate this potent methodology. It offers the potential for genuine transformation and for healing to occur.

We love to welcome newcomers to this practice! You can always join us with a drop-in class or a One Month Trial.

Ashtanga Led Primary

In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition we come together once per week for a led class (starts again in fall 2021). This class is for all who already practice at least until parsvattonasana (the last fundamental pose). At Bhumi Yoga this happens on three Fridays per month. 

You will be led through the Primary Series using the traditional Vinyasa Sanskrit Count. Practicing with the Count fosters an experiential understanding of how everything is connected, and how great attention and peace of mind can be cultivated being present not only in the poses but also through the transitions. You will experience a great energy when are are moving and breathing together.

It’s ok to join this class if you are not practicing Full Primary yet. You will then practice until where you usually practice, you can explore a little after and observe (there is a great benefit and learning that comes from observation).

Yin & Restorative

Slow down your pace with this gentle practice,  release any tension carried in the mind and body. Yin and Restorative Yoga targets the interior, supportive structures, literally down to the bone marrow. In contemporary society, Restorative / Yin yoga is a soothing elixir to help restore balance in our stress-filled, over-scheduled lives. Feel nurtured and safe. Suitable & beneficial for all.
Benefits of this practice include:
  • allow you to experience that art of being rather than doing
  • allow your nervous system to come to a more resting mode
  • allow more introspection and awareness on a physical, mental and energetic level
  • benefit your immune function
  • just makes you feel home in your body

At the moment Maxi is offering in person Restorative Yoga as a workshop on special occasions and online in her Restorative Reset online program.

Chandra Krama

Chandra Krama, or the Moon Sequence, is an alternative therapeutic Vinyasa Krama sequence accessible to students of all traditions.

It begins as a gentle vinyasa flow, moving slowly deeper relaxing and soothing the nervous system and helping you rebalance energetically, psychologically, and physically. Chandra Krama allows to introspect, honor and be present with what is instead of trying to get anywhere. 

This sequence is suitable and beneficial for all levels of practitioners, adjustments to certain poses can always be made. Maxi is one of two teachers in the Netherlands certified by Matthew Sweeney to teach Chandra Krama.

At the moment Maxi is offering an in person and livestream  Chandra Krama class once a month on a Friday morning.

Tuition Fees:

Drop-In Class:€20
10 Classes (valid for 12 weeks): €165 / 145*

1 Month: €145/month
3 Months: €125/month
12 Months: €100/month (€95/month students)

*One Month Trial for Newcomers: €99

Next Trainings:

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