Now is the time to take extra care for stability and routine for a grounding practice to feel anchored and inspired from within, ready to meet any challenges that come your way. Self-care starts within. Let us help you stay centered at home.

At the moment all of our classes are online!

Join us for daily self-practice in our Mysore Zoom Room. Under the watchful eyes of our team, you’ll feel our encouraging, open-minded, and compassionate approach to practice. Beginners to advanced can join us online.

Online Tuition Fees:
Drop-In class (€15)
10 Classes (€120, valid for 4 weeks)
1 Month Online Membership (€99)

*see our schedule and book your class with us here.


Regular Weekly Class Schedule (AT OUR YOGA SCHOOL, when we can open again)

*the Wednesday evening and Friday led class can also be followed online – sign in is required for all classes through our online registration system
*Shift 1: Experienced students can arrive as of 6.25h; Beginning students can arrive at the school from 6.50h onwards – not earlier; teaching starts at 07.00h
*Shift 2: You can arrive at the school from 7.55h onwards (not earlier)
*For Friday led class: You can arrive at the school from 6.45h onwards, don’t come last minute!, don’t come before 6.45h
*For Weekend Mysore: You can arrive at the school from 8.45h onwards, don’t come before 8.45h

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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees:



1 Month Mysore Membership: €99

Drop-In Class: €15
10 Classes (valid for 4 weeks): €12



Drop-In Class:€18
10 Classes (valid for 12 weeks): €150

1 Month: €139/month
3 Months: €119/month
12 Months: €95/month (€90/month students)

*One Month Trial for Newcomers: €99


A membership entails unlimited access to all regular classes. 

​One Month Membership: €139
Three Months Membership: €119 per month for 3 months
Twelve Months Membership: €95 per month for 12 months

*€90 per month for 12 months for students and on minimum income (show ID card or stadjerspas)

A membership can be obtained through our online schedule, all membership terms are stated in our terms and conditions.

Reserving your spot for class is required. You can buy a drop-in class, class card or membership through our Online Schedule.