Regular Weekly Class Schedule

*the Wednesday evening and Friday led class can also be followed online – sign in is required for all classes through our online registration system
*Shift 1: Experienced students can arrive as of 6.25h; Beginning students can arrive at the school from 6.50h onwards – not earlier; teaching starts at 07.00h
*Shift 2: You can arrive at the school from 7.55h onwards (not earlier)
*For Friday led class: You can arrive at the school from 6.45h onwards, don’t come last minute!, don’t come before 6.45h
*For Weekend Mysore: You can arrive at the school from 8.45h onwards, don’t come before 8.45h

Sign in for class

Tuition Fees

For Newcomers to our School

One Month Trial – €99
*In this one month period you can schedule 13 classes at our yoga school and you can also join all live-online classes that are offered.

Drop-In Class – €18


Class Card

Ten Classe: €150
Valid for 13 weeks (cannot be extended)


A membership usually entails unlimited access to all regular classes. Please note that during COVID times membership holders can join up to 14 classes per month at the school and have access to all live-online classes offered.

​One Month Membership: €139
Three Months Membership: €119 per month for 3 months
Twelve Months Membership: €95 per month for 12 months

*€90 per month for 12 months for students and on minimum income (show ID card or stadjerspas)

A membership can be obtained through our online schedule, all membership terms are stated in our terms and conditions.

Reserving your spot for class is required. You can buy a drop-in class, class card or membership through our Online Schedule.