Ashtanga Practitioners' Path

A 6 months in-depth course for Ashtanga Lovers

Starts 15 January 2023

Ashtanga Practitioner’s Path

A 6 months in-depth course for Ashtanga Lovers

You are already practicing Ashtanga Mysore Style, your awareness of yourself on and off the mat is growing. New perspectives open, different questions arise and you seek to deepen your understanding and experience of the different aspects of yoga.

You may wish to:

  • Safely start / progress through your kriya and pranayama practice
  • Be inspired by the teachings of yoga philosophy and how they relate to your life on and off the mat.
  • Learn more about the subtle body.
  • Learn more about chanting.
  • Know how to use simple yet effective Ayurvedic self-care remedies to calm your nervous system.
  • Understand the benefits of yoga techniques (kriya, pranayama, asana).
  • Feel steady and comfortable (sthira sukham) with what you are doing in your asana practice. Understand the principles of a safe practice physically, mentally and energetically. Moreover be able to adjust your practice safely given any life changes / circumstance.
  • Deepen your perspective what is possible for you on and off your mat.
  • Be part of an inspiring small group of yogis.

If you recognise yourself in the above, then this 6 month program is for you! In this 6 months program you will weave yourself deep into all aspects of yoga. The teaching provided and group experience will be an incredible support for your understanding and experience of your yoga, both on and off the mat.


This 6 months course is built around six comprehensive study days at the yoga school. We meet once a month during the period of January to June 2022. Each study day has a similar structure, yet in each day we progressively go deeper into our exploration of the 8 limbs of yoga in a dedicated yet non-dogmatic but light-hearted way. 

To help you deepen your experience and feel as supported as possible during the course you:

  • Will receive all course materials throughout the course as it become relevant (pdf and audio files)
  • Will receive reflection questions after each study day. These questions will help you enrich your experience and understanding of the material we studied.
  • Can always receive support from Maxi and ask questions.

Maxi Meissner Pranayama

Sample of a Course Day

9.00-9.30h Guided Kriya & Pranayama                                              

9.30-11.15h Mysore Style Practice or guided Led class

11.30-12.00h Shanti Mantra and Sutra Chanting

12.30-15.00h Yoga Lab & Philosophy – In-depth exploration of yogic principles & techniques interwoven with applied yoga philosophy 


What you will learn:

Throughout the course you will deepen your understanding of your practice as awareness to the more subtle aspects of practice will grow.

Yoga Philosophy & Physiology

  • Yamas & niyamas – in practice and in day-to-day life
  • Subtle anatomy: Gunas, koshas, vayus, nadis
  • Yoga Sutras – selected from the 1st & 2nd chapter
  • Yoga and the mind
  • Principles of chanting

  • Understanding your Yoga 1: Tristhana & the Subtle Body:
  • Pranayama & Kriya: Progressing through pranayama & kriya step-by-step, refining the breath
  • Physiology & Psychology of Pranayama 
  • Tristhana in action – roadmaps to access breath, bandha & drsthi

Understanding your Yoga 2: Smart Yoga

  • Understand the principles of a safe practice and how to adjust and scale your practice intelligently 
  • Understand the principles of backbends, arm balances, hip openers and twists to be able to modify as needed
  • Ashtanga Yoga a living and evolving tradition

Supplemental Self-Care Strategies:

  • Be able to effectively use simple yet powerful Ayurvedic self-care remedies to calm your nervous system and help your immune function
  • Pranayama & Kriya
  • Metta meditation – Loving kindness

Dates & Times:

We meet on the following Sundays of 2023:

15 January, 12 February, 12 March, 9 April, 14 May, 11 June

Location: We meet at our yoga school: Bhumi Yoga, Damsterdiep 46, 9711SM Groningen | It is also possible to join online through zoom.


Teacher: Maxi Meissner

Maxi Meissner (PhD & certified yoga teacher, mom) is passionate about empowering people to live their best lives possible through the tools of yoga.  

In 2010. Maxi founded Bhumi Yoga, her yoga school in Groningen which is highly valued not just for the personal and inclusive approach to teaching yoga but also as it has a real sense of community where everyone “feel at home”. Maxi’s teaching is distinguished by her clear and compassionate guidance and her ability to relate and connect with just about anyone willing to learn. She will figure out a way for anyone to enjoy the practice of yoga safely.

In her work, Maxi light-heartedly and skilfully integrates her extensive experience and understanding about yoga, the human body, brain and behaviour stemming from:

  • Over 10+ years of teaching experience
  • 2000+hours of comprehensive yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapy training with leaders in the field)
  • Her PhD and post-doc scientific studies on stress, inflammation, and further studies on yoga and wellbeing making her an expert in the field of stress and the understanding how yoga affects health
  • Working with and being able to relate to different populations of people as a yoga teacher, personal coach, teacher for yoga teachers, master thesis supervisor, exercise physiologist for high performing athletes as well as for patients in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, being under a lot of pressure herself while being on the German national rowing team (Jr world champion twice, 1997 & 1998), a Division 1 rower for the Ohio State University 1999-2003, PhD life…

Read more about Maxi here.

    Maxi Meissner


    To join this course, what should my experience level be with Mysore Style practice?

    You should have a minimum of 3 months of Mysore practice. 

    *If you are not sure whether you can join or have any questions, please contact me.

    *If you are not practcing at Bhumi Yoga but wish to join, please also contact me before signing up – this way we can figure out whether this course and my teaching is the right match for you!

    I may not be able to attend all the Sundays, can I still join?

    To get the most out of this course, it’s best to block off the study days for this course. However, I understand that life happens and you may miss a day.

    Do I need extra material for the course?

    No. You will receive all relevant study material in pdf and audio format throughout the course.

    Is it possible to book a single Sunday only?

    No. This course can only be booked as a full course. Part of the experience is to progressively dive deeper and be with the same small group of people throughout the study course. Single session attendance will be disruptive to the deep learning we aim for.

    Does the course come with homework?

    No, during this course you are not required to hand-in homework assignments. We understand that everyone has a busy life. Yet, to help you better integrate and understand the material we study, you will receive reflection questions after each study day. These reflection questions will help you enrich your experience and will greatly support your learning process. You can do them in your own time.Moreover, in order to integrate the pranayama practice and be able to progress, it’s best to take a little bit of time 5-15min at least 4 days a week for your pranayama practice.

    Can I receive a teacher certification or credit following this course?

    No. This course is not a teacher training course. It is for those of you who want to dive deeper into your very own journey, you don’t have to prove anything to the teacher nor to the group and there is no hassle to attain a certificate. It’s a self study in a group, a real deep dive, for your yoga. 


    Early bird rate until 1 December 2022: €515

    Normal rate after 1 December 2022: €625





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