Yoga Teacher Training Groningen

The Path of Practice

200 Hour RYT

Are your ready to take your yoga to the next level? 

Make a difference in the lives of others by sharing your passion for yoga!

Yoga Teacher Training Groningen (YTT Groningen) is a comprehensive teacher training program leading to professional certification as a yoga teacher. Upon completing the program’s 200 hours of intensive practice and interactive workshops, you will feel confident in safely teaching yoga to all levels. In addition to mastering the fundamentals and improving your own practice, this course often leads to deeper empathy and discernment as a teacher that helps you meet the unique needs of your students. During the course, you will be guided through every step with two master trainers, preparing you with valuable skills and insights to be a leader in the yoga community.

This is your foundation training for life as a professional yoga teacher. 

YTT Groningen is a registered Yoga Alliance (YA) Teacher Training which means after completion of this course, you will be a Certified Yoga Teacher and can register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200.

Are you seeking personal guidance?

You will have the opportunity to work directly with two master trainers throughout this course. Adarsh & Maxi each bring decades of experience to their yoga teachings and share many life lessons as studio owners and wellness professionals. In addition to this direct mentorship, the support of the group helps with motivation, accountability, and follow-through. 

For whom is this course?

This course is ideal for committed yoga students, aspiring teachers, current teachers, and interested yogis wanting to immerse themselves in a practice intensive with two master teachers. 

Although TT Groningen is a rigorous program,  both Adarsh and Maxi compassionately meet each student where they are in their practice. Students of all types find their way into this training; pregnancy, injury, or other therapeutic needs are encouraged to attend. Yoga poses, and sequences can always be adapted so everyone can play!

How does it work?

The in-person training is focused on experiential learning with the majority of the time dedicated to hands-on training rather than lecture. Maxi and Adarsh engage with and adjust each student helping you feel and master the fundamentals. Understanding each posture in its entirety will empower you. Over the eight weekends, you will form a strong foundation for success in your career as a yoga instructor.


The Training will take place over 8 weekends:

Weekend 1: 2/9 – 4/9 2022
Weekend 2: 30/9 – 2/10 2022
Weekend 3: 28/10-30/10 2022
Weekend 4: 25/11-27/11 2022
Weekend 5: 16/12-19/12 2022
Weekend 6: 20/1-22/1 2023
Weekend 7: 17/2-19/2 2023
Weekend 8: 17/3-19/3 2022



Daily Sample Schedule:

18-20.30h Yoga Philosophy & Asana Workshop

Saturdays & Sundays:
10 – 10.30h Kriya, Pranayama
10.30-12h Asana (Mysore + Led)
12 – 12.30h Asana Workshop
13.30-14.00h Chant & Sangha
14.00 – 15.00h Lecture Topic
15.30 – 16:30h Asana Workshop
16:30 – 18.00h  Teaching Practice


What will you learn?

YTT Groningen follows closely the Yoga Alliance standards. There is a strong emphasis on developing your experience of traditional yoga techniques with the necessary skills to safely lead a yoga class in a modern studio/fitness setting. 

The 200 hour curriculum for YTT Groningen:

100+ Hours Traditional Yoga Technique: 

YTT Groningen

1. Yoga Asana 

The asana study program includes postures of the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga, presented in a traditional, yet non-dogmatic way. You will gain an overview of the posture categories (forward + backward bending, twists + side bends, inversions + arm balances. In addition to learning the traditional asana,  you will learn healthy adaptations, modifications, and therapeutic sequencing.

  • Learn to see alignment in postures
  • Decode the language of modern yoga alignment; loops, rotations, pose – counterpose.
  • Creative Sequencing in yoga classes
  • Traditional Sequencing in yoga classes
  • Restorative Asana
  • Asana pronunciation 
  • Tristana Method (vinyasa, bandha, drishti)
Maxi Meissner Pranayama

2. Pranayama

Asana is considered the external yoga while meditation is the internal, breath is the intermediary between the two. The Pranayama training includes a progression from preparatory work including kriya (cleansing) and basic breathwork, through more advanced breathing sequences. Naturally, yoga breathing leads to meditation and the internal practice of yoga.

  • Yoga cleansing practice (kriya)
  • Yoga breathing (pranayama)
  • Yoga mantra meditation
  • Yoga mindfulness meditation
Ayurveda with Maxi

3. Ayurveda

Ayurveda, meaning knowledge of life and longevity, is the sister science of yoga. Whereas yoga is a meditative practice with the goal of stabilizing the mind, Ayurveda is concerned with physical health and well being. Here, you will learn key Ayurvedic principles and how to apply these lessons in your yoga. 

  • Ayurvedic types (dosha)
  • Ayurvedic self-treatments (panchakarma)
  • Ayurvedic yoga

30+ Hours Yoga History & Philosophy

Yoga is a vast subject with a rich history and many volumes of oral and written knowledge. During this training, you will journey to the origins of yoga, mark key developments, texts, and teachers, while gaining greater context for your own place in yoga history. 

  • Yoga Timeline
  • Yoga Lineage (parampara)
  • Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • Introductory Sanskrit

25+ Hours Teaching Methodology

The art of teaching yoga is a unique discipline. As a teacher, your job is to meet your students where they are “at” in their practice. This requires a mixture of inspirational leadership, effective communication, and patience. Excellent teachers recognize different learning styles, know how to prepare for classes, and how to adapt those plans when needed. 

  • Planning & leading classes
  • Communication
  • Demonstration
  • Empathy
  • Learning styles

20+ Hours Anatomy

Applying anatomy to yoga is a natural fit. Here, you will learn what the body is and isn’t capable of and why. This includes anatomical explanation of the basic do’s and don’ts of yoga and how to get the most out of the practice. 

  • Key muscles of yoga
  • Science of stretching and flexibility
  • Building strength in yoga

    10+ Hours Hands-On Adjustments

    One of the distinguishing features of YTT Groningen is Hands-on adjustments. When skillfully applied, physical and verbal assists can help students quickly improve:

    • Who to adjust, what we are adjusting, where to adjust, when to adjust , and how to adjust
    • Body mechanics for the teacher
    • How to receive adjustments 
    • The three types of adjustments 
    • general vs. specific adjustments 
    • The role of subtle energy in adjustments 
    • Student safety

      Overall Intention & Outcome

      • Develop & improve your personal practice
      • Dive deeper into Yoga philosophy, history, and the Yoga lifestyle
      • Learn all about asanas, the anatomy of a posture, alignment, modifications, risks, and benefits
      • To more deeply understand movement and position
      • How to teach yoga postures and sequence a class
      • How to teach alignment in postures
      • How to safely modify postures and help students on different levels
      • Applying anatomy and functional movement in yoga
      • Learn to see and “read” the human body
      • Learn hands-on and verbal adjustments
      • Learn about different types of students and how to effectively reach them
      • Learn about traditional and contemporary approaches to yoga
      • Develop your teaching style
      • Practice teaching with immediate feedback and mentorship
      • Integrate comprehensive study of yoga technique, theory, and philosophy
      • Experience professional and personal growth
      • Hold a certification that meets and exceeds requirements to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT200
      • Study, refine and deepen your own Yoga practice together with like-minded people

      Personal Growth:

      Yoga can be a tool for self-discovery/development and helps to expand your view of the world. It can transform your life into a happier, healthier, and more whole one. The best Yoga teachers are students first. Gaining more knowledge of Yoga through our Yoga Teacher Intensive will ground you in your own practice and your understanding of it. It will bring confidence in sharing it with others.

      Our Yoga Teacher Intensive spends ample time on personal development, mindset, and internal practice through:

      • Yoga cleansing techniques (Kriya) & Yoga breath (Pranayama)
      • Yoga Diet
      • Meditation: Sitting & walking technique
      • Sanskrit Chanting
      • Origins, history of yoga
      • Yoga as a lifestyle & Ethics of yoga
      • Study of the Classic Yoga Sutras
      • Forming a personal philosophy
      • Comparative Yoga traditions
      • The seat of the teacher
      • Teacher self-care
      • Sustaining your practice
      • Yoga off the mat
      • Finding inspiration
      YTT Groningen

      Adarsh Williams

      Maxi Meissner

      Adarsh Williams
      Maxi Meissner

      Adarsh Williams is an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher (KPJAYI – 2), Yoga Alliance teacher trainer (E- RYT 500), Mobility Specialist (TRS – L2), and founder of Monterey Yoga in California. With a diverse experience in the wellness field and over twenty years of professional experience, Adarsh has helped organizations and individuals develop programs around the world. He has led retreats and trained teachers in Europe, Middle East, US, and Asia. 

      A direct student of Pattabhi Jois, Adarsh received Authorization in 2004 and has completed numerous certifications with luminaries such as Richard Freeman & John Scott in yoga, and Dr. Kelly Starrett in physiotherapy.  

      Highly regarded for his sensitive, yet deep hands-on style, Adarsh has experience working with a wide variety of students of diverse abilities, ages, and backgrounds. With a deeply held belief that anyone can develop a personal yoga practice, he is an energetic teacher who infuses his enthusiasm for practice and hard work in others. 

      Now based in Groningen, Netherlands, Adarsh teaches, writes and produces online courses. His YouTube channel has become a popular resource in the fitness community and has led to the release of two feature-length instructional videos, Smart Stretch: Active Isolated Stretching & Ashtanga Yoga: Strength, Mobility, Skill. 







      Maxi Meissner (PhD & certified yoga teacher, mom) is passionate about empowering people to live their best lives possible through the tools of yoga.  

      In 2010. Maxi founded Bhumi Yoga, her yoga school in Groningen which is highly valued not just for the personal and inclusive approach to teaching yoga but also as it has a real sense of community where everyone “feel at home”. Maxi’s teaching is distinguished by her clear and compassionate guidance and her ability to relate and connect with just about anyone willing to learn. She will figure out a way that anyone can enjoy the practice of yoga safely.

      In her work, Maxi light-heartedly and skilfully integrates her extensive experience and understanding about yoga, the human body, brain and behaviour stemming from:

      • Over 10+ years of teaching experience
      • 2000+hours of comprehensive yoga teacher trainings and yoga therapy training with leaders in the field)
      • Her PhD and post-doc scientific studies on stress, inflammation, and further studies on yoga and wellbeing making her an expert in the field of stress and the understanding how yoga affects health
      • Working with and being able to relate to different populations of people as a yoga teacher, personal coach, teacher for yoga teachers, master thesis supervisor, exercise physiologist for high performing athletes as well as for patients in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, being under a lot of pressure herself while being on the German national rowing team (Jr world champion twice, 1997 & 1998), a Division 1 rower for the Ohio State University 1999-2003, PhD life…

      Read more about Maxi here.


      What others say about Adarsh’s & Maxi’s Teacher Trainings

      “I highly recommend Adarsh Williams 200 hour TT! The content was thoughtful and thorough, covering every aspect of teaching in a clear and well paced manner so as not to be too overwhelming. I loved the weekend format over a longer period of time, allowing time for practice, self study and reflection in between sessions. Each weekend session was infused with knowledge, and most importantly, an obvious passion for yoga and teaching. Adarsh lives yoga, and provides inspiration on and off the mat. The training surpassed my expectations and left me feeling confident and well prepared for stepping into the role of yoga teacher. Thank you!”                                                                                                  Amy Wright (RYT 500)

      The training “Yoga Adjustments for Yoga teachers with Maxi” has an exceptionally high level. I followed a lot of yoga teacher courses and trainings in the past 5 years, but this is the best.
      Based on years of teaching experience, insight into the functioning of the body, energy and mind and energy, Maxi conveys her message in a crystal clear way. Every word and movement has been carefully introduced and thought out, but above all: tangible. Highly recommended.
      Ravi Soekhai (followed Maxi's teacher training in Fall 2019)

      “I’m deeply grateful for all the teaching and wisdom Adarsh shared. He has put his whole heart into this 200-hour training. Adarsh is experienced and competent yet remains humble. His sense of humour brings so much lightness to this challenging training. Thank you so much for the encouraging words you wrote to me on graduation day. “                                                                                                                          Mahina (RYT 200)


      First Early Bird until 12 June: €2350 + 21%VAT
      Second Early Bird until 2 August: €2600 + 21%VAT
      Regular Price after 2 August: €2850 + 21%VAT

      Sign up:

      To sign up for this training:

      • Fill out the application form HERE and 
      • Deposit €250  HERE  *In case you are not accepted to the training you will receive a full refund of this deposit | In case you are accepted to the training, the deposit acts as a downpayment.

      In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to emal us!


      YTT Groningen
      YTT Yoga Teacher Training Groningen


      What books or training materials do I need and will I have to buy them extra?

      Part of our teacher training are:

        • Teacher Training Manual Included
        • Movement & Mobility Manual Included
        • Training Videos Included

      All materials are thus included in the training.

        What is the enrollment process?

        To sign up for our teacher training you have to fill out the application form and make a deposit of 250 EUR – all to be done at the section just above this one.

        Within a week we will review your application and notify you if you are accepted or not. If you are accepted for the training your deposit will count as a downpayment of the course fee. If you are not accepted you will get your full deposit reimbursed.

        What is the cancellation policy?

        To view the cancellation policy view our terms and conditoons (see footer of this website).

          What others say about Adarsh’s & Maxi’s Teacher Trainings

          I am very happy that I was able to follow Maxi’s modular training course “Yoga Adjustments for Yoga teachers”. The lessons were well structured. A lot of time was spent explaining hands-on adjustments, in a very clear way. I also found it very valuable that we were able to practice on each others and on different people. Maxi has a very and calm way of explaining, and the way she is teaching gives you complete confidence. I have been applying the material of this training in my yoga classes and it is very well received.This training was very worthwhile to come from Eindhoven to Groningen!
          Monique Kruithof (followed Maxi's teacher training in fall 2019)

          “My experience at  Monterey Yoga Shala was wonderful, eventful, and a memorable one. I’ve been practicing yoga for three years and taken several teacher training programs as well as workshops and conferences. The Ashtanga yoga teacher training program at the Shala is exceptional. The knowledge shared with the students was extensive. 

          At the end of an immersion students usually want to leave at the end of the day and go home to rest, play etc. At this training, every student just wanted to stay and absorb more of the knowledge and continue to experience the special feeling of the shared Yoga. It was extraordinary!”

          Kathryn Henderson (RYT 200)

          “By the time I had decided to join Maxi’s yoga school, I had been meaning to learn Ashtanga yoga for a while. I was practicing yoga regularly but was in need of a guiding hand to show me further into my yoga journey. Maxi turned out to be exactly the guidance I needed, and her yoga school is the optimal learning environment.

          Maxi gently guided me through the sequence of poses, showing me modifications when needed. Going into my first classes among a group of people, I was afraid of not being able to keep up, or of an intimidating atmosphere. That was never the case, as Maxi knows how to adjust the learning process to every student’s needs and learning from her is always a delight.

          Medeea Anton (Bhumi Yoga student)