Chandra Krama

Weekend Workshop

29 & 30 October with Maxi in Groningen

(in-person at the yoga school and online)




Learn how to practice & apply Chandra Krama

…to nourish your body, mind & soul

Chandra Krama, or the Moon Sequence, is an alternative therapeutic Vinyasa Krama sequence accessible to students of all traditions, whether young or old. It invites the release of unnecessary tension while fostering a deeper connection of body, soul and mind. The practice encourages the practitioner to accept and honour what is instead of wanting to be or go somewhere, fostering a deep sense of peace.

Chandra Krama emphasizes the hips, groin, lower spine and abdominals, which will feel positively awake after moving through this sequence. The practice takes pressure off the neck, shoulders and wrists and is beneficial as a regular alternative practice to the heat building of traditional Ashtanga. 

Practicing Chandra Krama helps you to let go, of holding on the plan, of attaching to what does not serve you and instead moves you towards taking joy in what is, on and off the mat. This awareness will also tickle into your Ashtanga Mysore practice and this practice is a beautiful alternative sequence for Mysore practitioners.

Chandra Krama begins as a gentle vinyasa flow, moving slowly deeper while bringing continuous awareness to the breath and inner sensations, relaxing and soothing the nervous system. This practice finishes with a series of nurturing restorative poses. You will leave the practice of Chandra Krama feeling deeply nourished in your physical, mental and energetic body.

Chandra Krama was developed by Matthew Sweeney. Maxi is one of the two teachers in the Netherlands authorized by Matthew to teach this practice.

In this weekend study you will:

  • Learn and experience how to apply and practice Chandra Krama in different ways, also in regards to how you feel energetically, and the phases of the moon
  • Understand the key aspects of this practice and how you can modify them according to your needs
  • Learn about the rhythms of the moon, and the effects this can have on you energetically
  • Move towards enjoying where you are, rather than forcing to be somewhere
  • Experience a sense of home coming in your body
  • Receive all the necessary tools to feel confident to start practice Chandra Krama yourself


Saturday 29 October

9.00-11.00h CET

  • Guided pranayama, meditation
  • Guided Chandra Krama (a more active form of Chandra Krama will be practiced)

12.00-14.00h CET

  • Philosophy and origins of Chandra Krama
  • The phases of the moon and their effects
  • Understanding what elements can make this practice more energizing
  • How to adjust / modify 
  • How to practice for more grounding and release during the more active form (using the breath and body)
  • Understanding the active backbends of Chandra Krama
Sunday, 30 October

9.00-11.00h CET

  • Guided pranayama, meditation
  • Guided Chandra Krama (a more restorative form of Chandra Krama will be practiced)

12.00-14.00h CET

  • Understanding the restorative elements of this practice, how and when to apply them
  • How to modify and adjust
  • Understanding the passive backbends of Chandra Krama
  • Putting all the pieces together 
  • Where to go from here: How to start practice yourself

This workshops includes supplemental materials such as pdfs and access to the recordings of the morning practices for 2 months. This allows you to integrate the practice into your life and “make it yours”.

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Viparita Karani

What others say about Maxi teaching Chandra Krama

Thank you for this workshop! I am so happy that I decided to join it, I haven’t been rested like that for so long already. It is such a beautiful state of mind to be!
I don’t know how you did it but I had a complete reset of my nervous system.
My friend couldn’t recognize me after today’s session because I was relaxed. He asked me to tell him when the next workshop will be because he wants the same results.
Kristina Althukova

For some reason, I had been feeling restless the last couple of months and this workshop turned out to be exactly what I needed. During the session, I didn´t even notice time passing. Already, after ten minutes a calm sank in. My mind went quiet. How great! 

Maxi has the extraordinary gift to guide you safely through all of the practise. I felt taken care of. 

If you ever have the chance to do this workshop, allow yourself this treat.  Now, about 3 months after the course, I still feel its effects: The calm, the quiet. It has helped me make clear decisions that will also shape the coming year for me. 

Anita Berendsen

Tuition & Sign up:


In-person at the yoga school

  • For Bhumi Yoga membership and 10x class card holders: €155  .
  • Normal tuition: €180

Sign up for a space at the yoga school HERE.





    Livestream – Online through zoom

    • For Bhumi Yoga membership and 10x class card holders: €120  .
    • Normal tuition: €140

    Sign up for a livestream space through zoom HERE.


    Do I need experience with the Moon Sequence to join this practice?

    No experience with Chandra Krama is required  to join this session.

    How do I join the online stream of this practice?

    You reserve your space HERE.

    A few days prior to the start of the weekend workshop you will receive all inlog info and props list.

    How do I join this session in person at the yoga school?

    Reserve your space HERE.

    A few days prior to the session you will receive an email with a little bit more practice info.

    Do I need any additional materials?

    If you join this session in person at our yoga school, you don’t need any additional materials as all will be provided by the yoga school. 

    If you join this session online through zoom, make sure you have the following props:

      • 1 mat 
      • 2 yoga blocks
      • 1 yoga belt
      • 2 blankets
      • 1 cushion (optional)
    What is the refund policy?

    Upon booking the course, no refunds are possible.

    How can I gift this study to somebody else?

    Get in touch with me HERE.