Restorative Reset - Power through Stillness

Restorative Yoga Workshop

5 November 2021, 7-9pm CET

(in-person at the yoga school and online)




Are you exhausted or overwhelmed?

Most of us lead lives that reinforce our working at fast forward speed and then we collapse into exhaustion. These days feel just too over-scheduled, too busy, too distracted. We come up with so many plans: new resolutions, new diets, new bucket-lists and the constant promises to ourselves to take better care and take more rest.

 But it’s not so easy, so we don’t.

This is where Restorative yoga comes in. Restorative yoga is an antidote to the busy life in fast forward mode. Restorative yoga is a gentle yet very effective practice. It is simple, easy, and a very potent tool for reducing stress and releasing tension. Restorative yoga poses are positions which are supported by props, which are still, and which are held for a long time, up to 20 minutes, unlike classic yoga poses. Only 10 minutes of a Restorative yoga pose will change your day, mood, perspective, and ultimately life.

Join Maxi Meissner, a yoga and science nerd, who will guide you through a deeply nourishing 2 hour restorative yoga practice using different restorative yoga and breathing techniques for quieting the nervous system, facilitating mental and physical release and connecting to attention and awareness.

Power through Stillness

In this session we create space to let go, turn inward, and rest deeply in our own being. As our minds and bodies become more calm and release unnecessary tension we can feel a deep sense of clarity from within.

This session will:

  • Make you feel calm and peaceful
  • Allow you to experience a true sense of rest
  • Enable you to learn effective restorative yoga poses and breathing techniques to help you calm down 
  • Enable you to release mental and physical tension
  • Increase your body awareness


Teacher: Maxi Meissner

Maxi (PhD & certified yoga teacher) is passionate about empowering people to live their best lives possible through the tools of yoga. In her work she light-heartedly and skillfully combines her extensive experience and knowledge about the human body, brain and behaviour stemming from:

  • More than 11 years of experience teaching yoga daily at her yoga school, in companies and workshops (inter)nationally
  • 4 years of scientifically investigating the effects of yoga on emotional well-being (peer reviewed publication)
  • Being an expert on the physiology and psychology of stress (PhD in Medical Sciences, further completed university degrees in Exercise Physiology, Psychology and Human Nutrition)
  • Extensive yoga teacher education (2000+hour of comprehensive training)
  • Large-scale experience working with and motivating different populations of people as a yoga teacher, personal coach, teacher for yoga teachers, thesis supervisor for master and bachelor students, exercise physiologist for high performing athletes as well as for patients in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and as a rowing coach
  • Being under a lot of pressure herself while being on the German national rowing team (jr world champion twice, 1997 & 1998), a Division 1 rower for the Ohio State University 1999-2003, PhD life, just life…

What others say about Maxi’s Restorative Reset:

Thank you for this workshop! I am so happy that I decided to join it, I haven’t been rested like that for so long already. It is such a beautiful state of mind to be! 
I don’t know how you did it but I had a complete reset of my nervous system.
My friend couldn’t recognize me after today’s session because I was relaxed. He asked me to tell him when the next workshop will be because he wants the same results.
Kristina Altukhova, Groningen, 31 January 2021

For some reason, I had been feeling restless the last couple of months and this workshop turned out to be exactly what I needed. During the session, I didn´t even notice time passing. Already, after ten minutes a calm sank in. My mind went quiet. How great! 

Maxi has the extraordinary gift to guide you safely through all of the practise. I felt taken care of. 

If you ever have the chance to do this workshop, allow yourself this treat.  Now, about 3 months after the course, I still feel its effects: The calm, the quiet. It has helped me make clear decisions that will also shape the coming year for me. 

Anita Berendsen, Aurich, 17 January 2021

The Restorative Reset was truly a wonderful experience.

The practice was very accessible. Moreover, Maxi guided us through breath exercises and calming poses, which I found to be very grounding and relaxing.

You can incorporate the practices you learn easily into your daily life, which is very nice if you have a busy schedule.

Renée Woonings, Groningen, 5 January 2021


Do I need experience with yoga to join this session?

No experience with yoga is required to join this session. Maxi will teach to all bodies and make alterations to the practice as appropriate and needed for your body. Come as you are.

How do I join the online stream of this practice?

You reserve your space HERE.

About 30 minutes prior to the start of the session you will receive an email with the zoom log-in details.

How do I join this session in person at the yoga school?

Reserve your space HERE.

Two days prior to the session you will receive an email with a little bit more practice info.

Do I need any additional materials?

If you join this session in person at our yoga school, you don’t need any additional materials as all will be provided by the yoga school. 

If you join this session online through zoom, make sure you have the following props:

    • 1 mat (or good carpet you can rest on)
    • 2 yoga blocks
    • 1 yoga belt
    • 1 yoga bolster
    • 1 eye cover
    • 4 firm blankets (or 2 blankets and 2 bath towels)
    • 1 yoga cushion (or a pillow)
What is the refund policy?

Upon booking the course, no refunds are possible.

Can I order my props through you?

Yes if you live in NL or Belgium you can order one of the two prop packages through me (email to order):

       1. Package Deluxe:
      • 1 bolster, 2 cork blocks, 1 yoga belt, 1 cushion, 1 eye bag
      • €115 (Value €145), includes shipping
       2. Package Ease:
      • 1 bolster, 2 cork blocks, 1 yoga belt, 1 eye bag
      • €85 (Value: €110), includes shipping

How can I gift this session to somebody else?

Get in touch with me HERE.


€35 in person at the yoga school

€25 online through zoom