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Maxi Meissner (PhD & certified yoga teacher, mom) is passionate about empowering people to live their best lives possible through the tools of yoga.  

In 2010. Maxi founded Bhumi Yoga, her yoga school in Groningen which is highly valued not just for the personal and inclusive approach to teaching yoga but also as it has a real sense of community where everyone “feels at home”. Maxi’s teaching is distinguished by her clear and compassionate guidance and her ability to relate and connect with just about anyone willing to learn. She will figure out a way that anyone can enjoy the practice of yoga safely.

In her work, Maxi light-heartedly and skilfully integrates her extensive experience and understanding about yoga, the human body, brain and behaviour stemming from:

  • 11+ years of experience teaching yoga daily at her yoga school, in companies and workshops (inter)nationally and two decades of her own yoga practice
  • 8+ years of providing yoga coaching to people of all ages, physical needs and backgrounds
  • 4 years of scientifically investigating the effects of yoga on emotional well-being (peer reviewed publication)
  • Being an expert on the physiology and psychology of stress (PhD in Medical Sciences, Post-doc in Cardiology, further completed master of science in Exercise Physiology at UT Austin)
  • Extensive yoga teacher education (2000+hour of comprehensive yoga teacher and yoga therapy training with leaders in the field such as Nancy Gilgoff, Matthew Sweeney, Bo Forbes, Andrea Lutz, David Garrigues and Ronald Steiner, to name a few) while also having practiced at the source in Mysore with Sharath Jois, being a returning shala practitioner of Sharmila Desai of Morjim and a student of Susanna Finocchi
  • Large-scale experience working with, motivating and relating to different populations of people as a yoga teacher, personal coach, teacher for yoga teachers, thesis supervisor for master, exercise physiologist for high performing athletes as well as for patients in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and as a rowing coach
  • Being under a lot of pressure herself while being on the German national rowing team (jr world champion twice, 1997 & 1998), a Division 1 rower for the Ohio State University 1999-2003, PhD life…



I studied classical and  modern dance at the Royal Academy for Classical Dance in The Hague for six years. After completing this study I worked as a dance performer and started teaching classical and modern dance. I started doing Hatha yoga in addition to my dance practice to balance the intensity of dancing with the peace I felt doing my asanas on the yoga mat. During my travels around Asia I found my passion in Ashtanga yoga. Combining the physical power with the meditative flow  appealed to me tremendously. In 2017 I completed my Primary Series teacher training at the Ashtanga Yoga Academy in Rotterdam. I followed this up with Therapeutic Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with Manju Pattahbi Jois and I completed the Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series teacher training. Having practiced Ashtanga with Maxi for a couple of years now, I am still learning and growing in my practice. It feels wonderful to have the privilege of supporting you all during your practice and sharing the passion and joy of yoga.


Sometimes you come across things that just “fit”, and for me Ashtanga turned out to be one of those things. It started in September 2017 when I joined Maxi’s One month Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Immersion Course for newcomers. My motivation was to improve my core stability and flexibility to help with my hobby of cycling long distances. I wasn’t even an early riser, but soon I found myself at the yoga shala every morning at 7.00am enjoying what unfolded and all the unforeseen benefits my yoga practice present. Besides Ashtanga I’ve become very fond of Matthew Sweeney’s Moon Sequence that Maxi taught me as an alternative practice. Since 2019 I have been assisting Maxi in the Mysore classes and I graduated from the RYT200h Ashtanga teacher training in Eindhoven in spring 2020. I continue to be an inspired student of yoga and look forward to sharing practice with you!


In March 2016 I signed up for the one month Ashtanga immersion here at Bhumi Yoga, during this immersion I was taught the fundamentals of the asanas, breath and yoga philosophy. As the practice evolved my focus commenced inwards and so I took steps doing a Life-coach course exploring the nature of this awareness.  At the turning of 2018 to 2019 I left for Goa to practice under the teachings of Sharmila Desai, intoxicated by the subtle energy arising from the devotion for the practice from students from far and even further. Like my first practice, this again felt like home. Hereafter I did  a Vipassana course in Jaipur, the exploration of being the gift yourself, not more, not less. After returning home I had the blessing to assist Maxi. Grateful to have Maxi as my teacher as she is kind-hearted, open-minded and with patience. Also grateful for Susanna Finocchi, Elise Greenspoon and many other teachers and students who have helped me directly and indirectly in this path. Looking forward to sharing space with you!


In 2016 my journey in Ashtanga yoga started. The practice of the Ashtanga sequence means to me a graciousness and elegance in the movements, a combination of strength and flexibility, flowing on the breath. But, Ashtanga is not just a physical practice. It works on a deeper level. It opens a lot of doors in body, mind and soul. The ritual, the daily work, of practicing Ashtanga is very helpful and beneficial. For me, the practice helps in getting to know me (whoever I may be). It shows how I inhabit life and how I relate to my surroundings. It helps me in trying to be a good, kind, soul in this world. I’m thankful Maxi gave me an opportunity to help you in your practice. I hope we can share experiences, learn together in a joyous way and have fun. Happy and curious to meet you on your journey!