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We frequently offer special workshops and trainings given by experienced teachers.

Upcoming workshops

Self-Care Sundays: Recharge Yourself

Dates:  27 September, 25 October, 22 November; 13 December; 13.00-15.00h

In these nurturing Sunday sessions we will use yin and long-held restorative poses, breath work and mindful meditation as an antidote to tension and stress.
We tune into our inner landscapes and replenish the well-spring of energy that is often blocked by stress and imbalance. Kim will guide you peacefully down the path towards relaxation, balance and peace.
To reserve your spot click on the “Book” button, go to the date you want to join.
This workshop can be followed at our school (book soon: only limited spaces) and also live online from the comfort of your home.

Annual End of the Year Special: Planting the Seeds

27 December 2020

At the end of this year reflect on what you created this past year, connect to your needs, priorities, your inner wisdom. Surrender to the ever-present breath and your inner foundation. Not rushing anywhere but allowing yourself to be, with yourself. Thereby harness and reconnect to your own strength, lightness and creativity. Plant the seeds for your new year.

Join Maxi for a special session of mediation, breath work and a moon sequence inspired yoga practice.  Altogether these practices will help you foster space and clarity within yourself and release what’s no longer needed.
*Prior to the session you will receive a relfection & manifesting workbook to help you connect to what is important for you and what you want to see blossoming in your life. 

Beginners Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Immersion

Duration: 1 Month, starting with the Opening Workshop 31 January 2021

Learn yoga the traditional way under one-on-one guidance in a group setting, build a life-supporting yoga practice according to your needs. Experience the benefits of this potent yoga method, transform your life and be part of an inspiring community of practitioners!
We welcome all with a serious interest in yoga, personal growth, all who seek more space, peace and strength in body and mind to this special one month course.
No previous yoga experience is required.
Everyone is welcome! 5
spaces are offered.

Modular Yoga Adjustment Training for Yoga Teachers with Maxi Meissner

Dates:  16/17 October 2021 & 13/14 November 2021; 10.00-15.00

Due to much enthusiasm and big success we are organizing this special training for yoga teachers (and teachers in training) in Groningen again in 2021!

In this comprehensive modular adjustment training you will develop your observational skills, learn and practice effective and safe hands-on adjustments that both address common misalignment and encourage inner guidance. The modules build upon one another.

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