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We frequently offer special workshops and trainings given by experienced teachers.

Upcoming workshops

Online: Chandra Krama – Nourish Your Body, Mind & Soul

30 April 2021 | 7-9.20pm CET

Replenish the well-spring of energy that is oftentimes lost as we rush through the business of our days. Honor and be present with what is instead of trying to get anywhere.

You will leave this mini self-care retreat feeling deeply nourished in your physical, mental and energetic body.



In this workshop Maxi will guide you through the full Moon Sequence, or Chandra Krama. The practice begins as a gentle vinyasa flow, moving slowly deeper while bringing continuous awareness to the breath and inner sensations, relaxing and soothing the nervous system. This practice finishes with a series of nurturing restorative poses.


For everyone who wants to feel more:
  • calm instead of overwhelm
  • energy for everything that comes their way
  • at home in their body
  • focused to live their best life possible
  • empowered 

This mini self-care retreat is suitable for all levels of yoga practitioners.

*Maxi is one of two teachers in the Netherlands certified by Matthew Sweeney to teach Chandra Krama.  

Online: Restorative Reset –

Power & Presence

9 April 2021 | 7-9pm CET

Shift the physiology of your body into a balanced state through the power of lying down, pausing, becoming still and feeling.

By giving yourself this well-deserved stillness you connect to your creativity, experience heart felt contentment and transform your perception.



We will engage in a deliberately slow and spacious practice including supported and mindful restorative yoga poses, breath awareness and meditation. Altogether these practices will reveal the joyful essence of our inner landscapes. 


For everyone who: 
  • feels overwhelmed
  • doesn’t feel they have enough energy for everything that comes their way
  • feels disconnected from their body
  • doesn’t feel focused
  • feels tired
  • feels tense

All levels welcome. No previous yoga experience is required.

Come and experience a mini-retreat where a practice of power and presence transform perception and, ultimately, everyday living.


Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Immersion for Newcomers

Duration: 1 Month, starting with the Opening Workshop – starting date to be announced, depends when our yoga school can open again

Learn yoga the traditional way under one-on-one guidance in a group setting, build a life-supporting yoga practice according to your needs. Experience the benefits of this potent yoga method, transform your life and be part of an inspiring community of practitioners!
We welcome all with a serious interest in yoga, personal growth, all who seek more space, peace and strength in body and mind to this special one month course.
No previous yoga experience is required.
Everyone is welcome!
5 spaces are offered.

Modular Yoga Adjustment Training for Yoga Teachers with Maxi Meissner

Dates:  16/17 October 2021 & 13/14 November 2021; 10.00-15.00

Due to much enthusiasm and big success we are organizing this special training for yoga teachers (and teachers in training) in Groningen again in 2021!

In this comprehensive modular adjustment training you will develop your observational skills, learn and practice effective and safe hands-on adjustments that both address common misalignment and encourage inner guidance. The modules build upon one another.

Review our Terms and Conditions to inform yourself about our cancellation policy.