One Month Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Immersion

For Newcomers

Starts 1 September with the opening workshop

One Month Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Immersion for Newcomers 

Do you want to start building a practice routine that not only empowers you, giving you strength and peace in body and mind but a practice that also truly belongs to you? A practice that you can adjust as you navigate the seasons and chaos of life, and a practice that is not a fad but will really support you through life?

Join us for our beloved One Month Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Immersion for Newcomers!

Building a yoga practice is very different than attending a once a week class where someone else leads you – the once a week class is great but lacks the deep benefits a practice can give you.

Our yoga tradition is rooted in a true method where you learn how to build, maintain and adjust your yoga so it can best support you while navigating the challenges and chaos of life. You practice under 1-on-1 guidance of an experienced teacher (Maxi) in a group, learning is step-by-step according to your capacity, needs and life situation without dogma or overwhelm.

Our shala welcomes people of all backgrounds, ages, body-types. There is no requirement to be flexible or strong. You can be young or more seasoned, feel flexible or very stiff….

In this One Month Immersion you will:

  • Establish and build a yoga practice that is truly yours under 1-on-1 guidance of Maxi, in a group setting

  • Experience the physical, mental and energetic benefits of practicing a yoga method (and not following random classes) regularly
  • Join the opening workshop on 1 September, 13.00-15.00h. The opening workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to show up for our regular Mysore classes while meeting other newcomers and starting this journey together. Topics covered during the opening workshop include: Gain philosophical as experiential insights into the principles of the “Ashtanga Yoga Method”, a short exploration of the historical context of the practice and its roots in South Asian philosophy, and a guidance and breakdown of the sun salutations (first part of the practice) and last three poses of the practice 
  • Enjoy unlimited access to our regular weekday morning Ashtanga Mysore Yoga classes all of September (also including the Moon Sequence classes on the days of full and new moon and our monthly led primary class). See our schedule here.

  • Be part of an amazing group of practitioners in a very supportive environment and atmosphere (everyone who joins us experiences something like a sense of home-coming)

**To receive the most out of this immersion it’s advised to follow at least 2-3 classes per week at the shala



€100 (students and stadjers pass holders €80)

Only limited spaces.

Unsure if this immersion is the right fit for you? Feel free to email Maxi.

What others say about Mysore Style Yoga practice at Bhumi Yoga:

The individual attention in Mysore classes is a great way to build the practice as is good for you and your body. It helps me focus on my own needs and abilities without constant comparison with others around me. Maxi also pays a lot of attention to the balance between our yoga practice and the demands of our fast-paced daily lives

Sanne Hupkes

What I value most about practicing yoga at Bhumi Yoga is the feeling of mental and energetic homecoming, the perfected adjustments, the consistent schedule and the clear instructions.

Ravi Soekhai

You helped me build a yoga practice that I can do and take with me anywhere. I started to appreciate to learn something new from the bottom up and not compare myself to others. Yoga has become a mindset that goes beyond the mat.

Nick Dowling