Morning Mysore Yoga Program

in our shala in Groningen and online

5 days / week

Welcoming all levels. 

All levels Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore Program

Our Ashtanga Mysore Yoga program is at the heart of Bhumi Yoga’s community. Everyone is welcome. Teaching is 1-on-1 in a group, beginners friendly. Regular practice purifies the mind, body and nervous system. 

Our Mysore Program operates five mornings a week in our yoga studio in Groningen and online with the skillful, dedicated and compassionate support of Maxi and in a community of friendly practitioners. All are welcome to join!

What is a Mysore Program?

A “Mysore” program the traditional way to teach and practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and was born in the Indian city of Mysore. See the descriptions below to breakdown what you would expect from each class.

Ashtanga Yoga voor iedereen in Groningen

All Levels Mysore Style

 Our Mysore style classes are all levels where beginners practice alongside more seasoned practitioeners.

In this environment you learn the Ashtanga practice  under personal guidance from Maxi within a group setting, at a pace and capacity that is relevant for you. No two bodies are the same.

In the Mysore room you will see daily practitioners of 10+ years and 1 week practicing side by side. All bodies, ability, ages, sizes, genders are welcome.

Some students practices are 30 mins long, while others are 2hrs. Know that you can arrive and leave anytime within the time-slot of a Mysore class.


Once a month Led Primary Series

This is a monthly offering on our program’s schedule. In this class Maxi talks you through the Full Led Primary with the Sanskrit Vinyasa Count which provides rhythm and structure to your regular practice. Everyone moves together with technical cues for the breath, transitions and postures. 

We welcome all practitioners who already have a little experience with Mysore classes to this class. If you don’t yet practice Full Primary, Maxi will advice you on how to practice and you will observe part of the class (observing is a great learning experience).

This is not a class for complete beginners – you learn about the poses as suitable for you and breath in detail in the Mysore classes.

How to start?

We absolutely love welcoming beginners to this practice! And you can join our classes anytime.

Are you ready to learn a life-long practice that provides much mental and physical benefit?

The best option to join us is with our “One Month Mysore Yoga Trial for Newcomers To Our School”. With this trial you have access to all weekday morning classes for one month. Herein you get to really experience and enjoy the benefits of establishing a towards daily morning yoga practice in a supportive group under personal and skillful guidance. Most newcomers choose this option.

You can also join us with a drop-in class pass. 


Beyond the Postures

We share a holistic approach to yoga that goes beyond the physical shapes our bodies can do.

Maxi holds satsang once a month which is an inspiring and insightful yoga talk & discussion (you can access some of them here).

As part of the Mysore Program Maxi may share pranayama, yoga and Ayurvedic self-care tools and reflection tools as appropriate.

Moreover Maxi teaches in-depth about pranayama, chanting, yoga philosophy and physiology, Ayurvedic self-care and more in her workshops, intensives, retreats and privates.

A big bonus of practicing with us is that you are part of a beautiful community of practitioners.There is no hierachy, no-one is better or worse, everyone is regarded as equal. Everyone is seen.

Mysore Yoga Schedule

Book into Class

Good to know:

  • Sign is is required for all classes
  • On days of full and new moon, Maxi will offer a guided Chandra Krama practice.
  • Once a month Maxi teachers a Led Full Primary Series, always on a different weekday.
  • There is no practice on national holidays.

When can you arrive for practice?

  • Mondays: Arrive between 6.50-8.45h
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays arrive between 8.50-10.00h
  • Wedensday arrive between 6.50-8.00h
  • Fridays either arrive a little before 7.00h to join the led part or arrive between 7.30-8.00h to join the Mysore part only

Mysore Yoga Tuition Options

The pass options below give you access to sign in for all weekday morning Mysore classes.


12 Months Membership

This is the best option if you can practice with us regularly (also the best option if you can practice with us at least 2 times per week).

With this membership you have access to all regular morning classes at the yoga school and online (Monday – Friday).

The membership is binding for a period of twelve months. After twelve months, this membership continues but can be terminated on a month-to-month bases with a termination notice of one month by e-mail.

Tuition fees:

  •  €100 / month – Normal fees
  • *€90 – For students and stadjerspas holders

*The reduced rate applies for students of officially recognized studies and holders of the stadjers pass. Show of proof is required.

1 Month Membership

This is a great option if you can only practice with us for a period of one month or you are not sure yet whether you want to commit for a longer period.

With this membership you have access to all regular morning classes at the yoga school and online (Monday – Friday).

This membership automatically stops after one month.

Tuition fees:

€125 / month

Class Cards

10 Classes

This option is great if you can join us just once a week or even less frequently.

Your ten classes are valid for a period of five months. 

With this class card you can book into all morning yoga classes at the yoga school.

Tuition fee:

  •  €165 – Normal fees
  • *€145 – For students and stadjerspas holders

*The reduced rate applies for students of officially recognized studies and holders of the stadjers pass. Show of proof is required.

10 Online Classes

This option is great if you can join us just online (through zoom) infrequently.

Your five classes are valid for a period of five months.

With this class card you can book into all online morning yoga classes (Monday – Friday).

Tuition fee:


Beginners Special

1 Month Mysore Yoga Trial

This is the best option if you are a newcomer to our yoga school and want to experience the benefits of establishing a regular and safe yoga practice under 1-on-1 guidance in a group. This option allows you to get a really good experience of the Mysore Yoga method and how it benefits you, Maxi’s teaching and our community.

With this trial you can join all regular morning classes (in-person at the yoga school as well as online) Monday – Friday. 

This option is only available for residents of Groningen and the province of Groningen and for newcomers to our yoga school. You can obtain this trial once as a newcomer.

No previous experience is necessary.

Tuition fee:


Other Options:

Drop-in Class

A great option if you just want to get a taste of Mysore Yoga and our yoga school or you are traveling and want to practice with us.

Good to know: If you choose this option as a newcomer, your drop-in class can be changed into a 1 month trial if you let us know within 3 days of your drop-in class that you would like to switch to a 1 month trial (then the investment of your drop-in class will be deduced from the 1 month trial).

Tuition fee:


Drop-in Online Class

A great option if you can just join us infrequently and from far away.

Tuition fee:


1 Week Unlimited

A great option if you are traveling or can just join us for one week.

With this class card you can join all regular morning classes (Monday – Friday) for a period of one week. You can join in-person classes at the yoga school and online.

Tuition fee:


The 12 months membership option is the most affordable option. Herein, joining 3-5 times week comes to €5-€8.30 per practice with lots of personal attention. An offer that’s hard to beat.

What others say about practicing Ashtanga Mysore Yoga with us:

I value the feeling of mental and energetic homecoming, the perfected adjustments, the consistent schedule and the clear instructions. Read more

Ravi Soekhai

I really love the personal guidance and attention of the Mysore class. In my crazy busy life this shala brings me peace and quietness and gives me space to really be aware of my body and how it feels in my own pace. Maxi and her assisting teachers make a great team, love this place and glad I found it.

Mein Bish

The personal attention and input I receive for my practice, even when practicing in bigger groups is extraordinary. Read more

Bert Oosting

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign in for class?

Set up your account with our booking system. You will be directed to our booking platform when selecting to book into a class above in our schedule.

When should I arrive? When does class start?

One great aspects of practicing Ashtanga Mysore Yoga is that you arrive and leave at your own time within the class window. Best to arrive at least one hour prior to class closing time.

Thus, for:

  • Mondays arrive between 6.50-8.45h
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays arrive between 8.50-10.00h
  • Wednesdays arrive between 6.50-8.00h
  • Fridays you can either arrive a little before 7.00h to join the led part (until 7.30h), or join for Mysore only between 7.30-8.00h.

*I will guide you through practice and make sure you leave in time so you will make it to your later obligations in time.

How long is a practice?

That depends on how much time you have and what your life situation is. Our practitioners practice anytime between 30-120min.

For your first practice you will probably spend about an hour at practice – unless you have less time (then we work with less time, no problem).

Can you tell me a little more of what to expect and how it works?

Of course! Read on….

When you arrive, I take the moment to check in with you, ask you about your practice history and possible injuries and health concerns (this way I can personalise your yoga for you as appropriate).

I show you our space and explain where the practice space and everything else is.

When you arrive in our practice space you will notice that everyone is practicing in silence only enveloped by the calming sound breathing (which I teach you first thing.)

We will find a spot for you to lay down your mat (or you can take one of ours) and I sit down with you and explain how the class works and what to expect. Then I first teach you the sound and rhythmic breathing. This is the most important and fundamental aspects of the practice. Eventually from there I will guide you through the first version of sun salution, working with you and figuring out a way that works best for you. We will do a few together and eventually I will ask you to repeat it by yourself, so you can learn it inside out and be with your focus inwards (don’t worry everyone learns differently and I will be there as support may be needed). And from there practice unfolds – “same same but different” for everyone as they say in India.


Good to know:

You receive 1-on-1 guidance and assistance during your practice. (You don’t need to know anything about the practice before you come for your first class. My job to teach you.)

My guidance and assistance is mostly non-verbal by respectful hands-on adjustments. The hands-on assists are extremely valuable. Respectful efficient touch conveys information much better than words. This can instantly bring about more awareness and understanding. (And don’t worry, all our adjustments are respectful and with consent. We never wrestle you into a pose.)

I also teach you by “break things down” using verbal explanation and demo, catered especially to your needs. Yet, I don’t overwhelm you. Little by little your practice unfolds, so you can digest it.

In case of changing life circumstances, major situations presenting, injury or illness, we together modify your practice appropriately, so you can receive its benefits also during more intense/challenging times.

After your practice you can enjoy a tea at the school. You get ready for the rest of your day feeling focused, relaxed and ready for anything that may present.



How often should I join?

This depends on your life circumstances and schedule. Some of our practitioners come practice with us five days a week, others join us three times or twice a week or less. However, to get started we advice to join at least two-three times week at the shala. We can always discuss what works best for you as everyone has different circumstances. 

Do I have to know anything prior to class?

No. There is nothing you need to know prior to coming to class. Just come as you are, that’s perfect. We love welcoming beginners to this beautiful practice. 

Moreover, you don’t need to be flexible or strong to start. 

My job is to teach you, and to adapt practice for you according to your needs.


What is the general Mysore etiquette?

– Please shower before practicing and don’t wear perfume.

– Out of town guests, welcome! Please have a small discussion with the teacher before you start.
– Please let the teacher know of any injuries you may have or if you are pregnant or if you would or would not like to be physically adjusted. 
– We encourage women to listen to their menstrual cycle and take rest where needed. 
– Please respect the practice times.
– Settle all payments before class
– There is no class on days of Full and New Moons.
What should I wear?

Please wear clean, breatheable, comfortable clothing that allows you to move.

Do I have to sign in for class?

Yes, we ask all to sign in to class and pay all class fees prior to attending. 

Meet your teacher, Maxi:

Hi, I’m Maxi (PhD, certified yoga teacher, mom, 600h Ayurveda health counselor trainee ). I know what it’s like to feel lost, imbalanced and hassling through life driven by fear. This was my life until I started to refocus.

Let’s face it, we all navigate through life bombarded by materialistic remedies that promise to cure all our ill-feelings and insecurities but leave us more empty and broke.

The clarity, focus, joy and agency I find through my dinacharya (daily rituals of yoga, Ayurveda and paying attention) are just unparalleled and have greatly helped me take to deep root within myself while cultivating more harmony in my inner and outer world. 

In my teaching I am passionate about empowering people of all walks of life to find better inner perspectives for themselves. People describe me as a compassionate teacher who really connects to everyone individually. In my work I light-heartedly and skillfully combine my extensive experience and knowledge about the human body, movement, brain and behaviour.

During the Mysore Yoga practice my wish is to offer a safe space for you to be. My wish is for you to feel more connected in your inner as outer world. I will offer you practical yet simple tools and insights to help you feel balanced, anchored from within and in harmony, no matter what comes your way. I am here to support and hold space for you. 

Read more..

Maxi Meissner