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Welcome to Bhumi Yoga! We offer Ashtanga Mysore Yoga six mornings a week in our beautiful yoga school in the center of Groningen. Maxi is also specialised in yoga coaching, Restorative Yoga, offers special workshops and yoga teacher trainings.

Now is the time to take extra care for stability and routine for a grounding practice to feel anchored and inspired from within, ready to meet any challenges that come your way. Self-care starts within. Let us help you stay centered.

You are always home.

Bhumi Yoga welcomes practitioners of all walks of life. Young and old, with or without experience in yoga, everyone can roll out their mat at our school in the heart of Groningen. Bhumi originates from the Sanskrit language and means soil, ground, foundation, earth and mother.

The name Bhumi reflects much of what yoga practice at our yoga school stands for: a place where we attend to nurturing our inner grounds. We plant and nourish the seeds that help us expand in more beneficial ways, both inside and outside.

Our team

Maxi Meissner




What others say about Bhumi Yoga:

You helped me build a yoga practice that I can do and take with me anywhere.I started to appreciate to learn something new from the bottom up and not compare myself to others. Yoga has become a mindset that goes beyond the mat.

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Nick Dowling

VP, WestRock GmbH

What I value most about practicing yoga at Bhumi Yoga is the feeling of mental and energetic homecoming, the perfected adjustments, the consistent schedule and the clear instructions. Read more

Ravi Soekhai

Manager Digital Transformation , Martini Ziekenhuis

Maxi knows how to adjust the learning process to every student’s needs and learning from her is always a delight. When practicing at the yoga school, everyone is equal. Having a regular yoga practice has been a very positive experience for me, it helps me focus throughout the day.

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Medeea Anton

Masters Student, RUG

At Bhumi Yoga I found that yoga really is for everyone. It is liberating to not try to achieve the most extravagant poses, but to start at where you are today, only to find a week later, you are progressing. Read more

Lies Mensink

Freelance Writer, De Brakke Grond

I am not a morning person but to leave morning practice feeling so good, energized and relaxed, is really awesome. I find the personal attention and input I receive for my practice, even when practicing in bigger groups, extraordinary. Read more

Bert Oosting

The individual attention in Mysore classes is a great way to build the practice as is good for you and your body. It helps me focus on my own needs and abilities without constant comparison with others around me. Maxi also pays a lot of attention to the balance between our yoga practice and the demands of our fast-paced daily lives. 

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Sanne Hupkes

PhD student, RUG

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Next Trainings:


Chandra Krama Weekend Study – The Essentials

*29/30 October

Ashtanga Weekend Study: The Power in your Breath 

*25-27 November

6 Months Ashtanga Intensive for Ashtanga Lovers

*Starts 14 January 2023

Modular Yoga Adjustment Training for Yoga Teachers 

*Starts 7 October 2023

Restorative Yoga Self-Care Program 

*On Demand Online

Schedule & Fees

Drop-In Class:€20
10 Classes (valid for 12 weeks): €165 / 145*

1 Month: €145/month
3 Months: €125/month
12 Months: €100/month (€95/month students)

*One Month Mysore Yoga Trial for Newcomers: €99


Neti Pot – Nasal Cleansing: Why and How?

Neti (nasal cleansing) is one of the six most important kriya technqiues described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Kriya literally means action or task. Kriyas are meant to clean and purify the body, and part of yoga.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​So what is a neti pot?​​​​​​​​The...

What we do and what you do so we can all enjoy our yoga at Bhumi Yoga!

Updated 25/2/2022 We want everyone to feel as safe and comfortable as possible to attend our in-school Ashtanga Mysore practice alongside our online offering. At Bhumi Yoga we are adhering to the measures and regulations of the RIVM. Please read below on the finer...

The Ashtanga Opening Chant

In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition it is customary to come to samasthiti and chant the opening mantra (sometimes referred to as "invocation") together. In the once a week led class this happens at the beginning of class and during Mysore practice we usually chant at the...

Yoga Sutra 1.1 atha yoganusasanam

The yoga sutras are one of the major texts of the practice and theory of yoga. Compiled by the scholar Patanjali around 500-400 CE, the yoga sutras are comprised by four chapters and 196 sutras ("threads") in Sanskrit. At the time there were no written records...

What is Progress in Practice?

I wanted to share a few notes on what progress in practice means. I feel it's easy to take an unbeneficial take on what constitutes progress.  In our material and consumerist culture, most of us are conditioned to "perform" and function far beyond the best of our...

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