Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

with Maxi in Twente

Coming up: 6-9 March 2025, 25-28 September 2025

14 people max. 


Retreat to reconnect


Four days and three nights of breath work, ashtanga yoga, meditation, plenty of rest, Ayurveda and nourishing Ayurvedic meals. We will enjoy the beautiful countryside, quiet and head back into our daily lives refreshed, inspired and filled.


We will stay in the magical and quiet Oerboerderij close to de Lutte in Twente (NL). Hugged by greenery, you’ll find stillness, breathe fresh air and find comfort in the cozy place. Located about 1h 45min south when driving from Groningen.



Let’s be honest: Inhabiting a space to be fully ourselves, cultivating receptivity to deep insights and new perspectives, and accessing deep relaxation can be very challenging in our busy day-to-day lives. A retreat is an opportunity to get all of that more easily and directly. The idea is to carry what we find on retreat back into our regular lives.

Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in the Netherlands
Ashtanga yoga retreat in the Netherlands
Reset Yourself

A retreat is an opportunity to take space to nourish yourself exactly what you need. For some it is a deep dive into self-study. For others, it’s a time to gently unfold, rest and soak up the magic of time. One of the benefits of traveling to a particular location away from your regular routine is that we can better recognise our unconscious habit patterns, and decide whether we want to let them go or hold on to them. From a more conscious place, we return home to our families, work and life, energized and ready for what’s ahead. The idea is to come back to the world with more wholeness. 



15.30-17.00h Arrival (settle in, refreshments, explore, relax)

17.00h-18.00h Opening session & pranayama

18.00h Dinner

19.30-20.30h Yoga philosophy talk


7.00-9.30h Meditation, kriya, pranayama and yoga practice

9.30h-10.30h Breakfast

12.00-13.00h  Ayurveda talk

13.00h Lunch

16.00-17.30h Yoga asana tools workshop

18.00h Dinner

19.30h-20.30h Ayurveda workshop


7.00-9.30h Meditation, kriya, pranayama and yoga practice

9.30h-10.30h Breakfast

12.00-13.00h  Ayurveda & yoga philosophy talk

13.00h Lunch

16.30-17.45h Yoga asana tools workshop

18.00h Dinner

19.30-20.30h Restorative practice and meditation


7.00-9.30h Meditation, kriya, pranayama and yoga practice

9.30h-10.30h Breakfast

11.30-13.00h  Chanting & ayurveda talk, closing circle

13.00h Lunch

14.00h Depature


Free time:

Take a walk, read, lounge, nap, journal


I was so fortunate to join Maxi’s  “Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurveda retreat” in Twente in March 2024. I travelled from Copenhagen, Denmark. I started my trip by going to Groningen and practicing with Maxi at Bhumi Yoga before going to the retreat, such a wonderful community there is in Groningen and I really love Maxi’s gentle approach, I felt like I’ve always practiced there. 
I carpooled with one of the other participants to the retreat and arrived safely at the cutest farmhouse in the middle of the forest. I instantly knew this was going to be amazing. Meet the rest of the participants, people with different practice levels (from beginner to very seasoned practitioner) and goals for the practice and reason for joining. 
Maxi is the sweetest soul and her knowledge seems endless, her approach is calm and gentle. It was really nice to go in depth with the pranayama techniques and learn some kriyas from scratch, which I never really did. 
The food was divine and got inspired to cook more Ayurvedic at home. 
I give my best recommendations for joining this retreat and it’s definitely worth travelling for. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Half maart heb ik de vroege voorjaars Yoga retraite bij Maxi gevolgd. Voor mij een heel nieuwe ervaring en geheel uit mijn comfort zone. Ik had al wel asthanga yoga gedaan maar dit was echt anders. Vooral de meditatie en de ademhalings oefeningen (pranayama) maakte dat ik echt volledig op kon gaan in samenwerking tussen lichaam en geest. Gevolg was dat er een serene rust over mij kwam. Daarnaast waren de workshops over ayurvedische filosofie en levensstijl ook heel inspirerend en het eten van Elise Greenspoon een ware belevenis. De Oerboerderij is knus en eenvoudig de omgeving prachtig om tussen de workshops door heerlijk te wandelen en nu eens echt te bezinnen. Als je nadenkt om een keer een retraite te doen echt eens een keer voor jezelf te kiezen dan raad ik je echt aan om dit met Maxi te doen. Zij is enorm betrokken en sensitief en ziet en voelt heel goed aan hoe het met haar studenten gaat. Ze is zacht en lief wat je een geborgen gevoel en vertrouwen geeft. Niet meer twijfelen gewoon Doen deze retraite!



Single room

  • Early bird rate: €629 
  • Normal rate €679 

10 of the 12 rooms have a shower ensuite. The earlier you book, the more you are granted a shower ensuite 🙂

There is an option to book a shared room for two of the rooms. Please inquire by email about pricing.



  • Three nights stay 
  • Organic, vegan Ayurvedic meals (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners) prepared by Elise Greenspoon (a fellow Ashtangi friend and teacher and wholesome cook)
  • 18 hours of practical and theoretical yoga & Ayurveda: 3x morning pranayama, kriya, meditation and personalized one-on-one Ashtanga yoga practice, 1x evening pranayama, 4 yoga philosophy & Ayurveda talks, 1 Ayurveda workshop, 2 yoga asana tools workshops, 1 restorative yoga practice)
  • You only have to bring yourself and your clothes everything else is taken care of (towels, bedsheets…)


Meet your host, Maxi:

Hi, I’m Maxi (PhD, certified yoga teacher, mom, 600h Ayurveda health counselor trainee ). I know what it’s like to feel lost, imbalanced and hassling through life driven by fear. This was my life until I started to refocus.

Let’s face it, we all navigate through life bombarded by materialistic remedies that promise to cure all our ill-feelings and insecurities but leave us more empty and broke.

The clarity, focus, joy and agency I find through my dinacharya (daily rituals of yoga, Ayurveda and paying attention) are just unparalleled and have greatly helped me take to deep root within myself while cultivating more harmony in my inner and outer world. 

In my teaching I am passionate about empowering people of all walks of life to find better inner perspectives for themselves. People describe me as a compassionate teacher who really connects to everyone individually. In my work I light-heartedly and skillfully combine my extensive experience and knowledge about the human body, movement, brain and behaviour.

During this retreat my wish is to offer you practical yet simple tools and insights to help you feel balanced, anchored from within and in harmony, no matter what comes your way.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Groningen
Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy as stated in the terms and conditions:

A participation in a retreat  may be canceled only in writing. Cancellations can be done by sending an email to:

The conditions for canceling a retreat are:

  1. Up to 8 months prior to the start of the retreat, a retreat can be canceled with a 100%, with €50 deducted from the refund for administration fees.
  2. Up to 6 months prior to the start of the retreat, a 50% refund is possible (with €50 deducted from the refund for administration fees).
  3. Up to 3 months prior to the start of the retreat, a 75% refund is possible (with €50 deducted from the refund for administration fees).
  4. In the period of 3 months leading up to the retreat no refund is possible anymore, unless there is a documented medical reason.