Metta Meditation

A mindfulness practice for the heart.

Bhumi Yoga Talks - Episode 9: Metta Meditation

For a lot of people this time of year can feel extremely busy and like we are constantly in a rush. Is that you, too?

It seems that still a lot “has to get done” before the year comes to an end. There are also various festivities coming up (which can be challenging for some). And some of you may be also be faced with unrealistic expectations and limitations. 

We may all perceive the pull of this business in one way or another these days. This urge to do, rather than to be. 

When we are in a rush trying to get somewhere or achieve something, we often loose connection with our body, with our dear ones and with what really matters to us.

In this episode of the Bhumi Yoga talks I am sharing a metta meditation. An opportunity for you to cultivate spaces of stillness, a space for yourself and a space to grow harmony from the inside so it can also expand outside.

Metta, or loving kindness meditation, is a mindfulness practice for the heart: A beautiful way to cultivate feelings of compassion and love for self, others and ultimately all beings.

Listen to this meditation through the link below.


xx, Maxi

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