We are moving.

Bhumi Yoga is moving to a new location as of April 2023.

Until April 2023, we are still at Damsterdiep 46.

Everyone practicing at the yoga school has already been informed about this change in September. Now that the “To rent” signs are up on the windows of the school, it’s time to share the big news in the “wide open”.

As of April next year,  I will rent space for our Morning Mysore Yoga classes and our weekend trainings and workshops at the beautiful studio space of Yoga Wieteke.

And although seeing the “to rent” signs on our windows brought out a few tears (yes!), this change is really a good move and way forward for our yoga school and community.


Looking back…​​​​​​​​


I look back on a wonderful time that we are still sharing together at our current place. When I created Bhumi Yoga in 2010, I initially rented space for us at various places in Groningen. 

Then in 2015, I saw the “to rent” sign at what became our shala. At the time it was in a really “raw” state (some of you may remember) but it felt right. I moved us here in 2015 and together we created the shala from scratch. For the past 7+ years we really created our home here at the Damsterdiep.

In 2018 Hilke Meerman from Yoga050 joined me co-renting our space. Together we made the space even more beautiful by various renovations. Our co-renting turned into a beautiful and much valued and mutual collaboration, and friendship.

So many of you have found

your place to practice and/or started your yoga path here. So many of you found inspiration, steadiness, calm, acceptance and community in our shala. It always makes me very happy hearing you feel so at ease, welcomed as you are and at home at our place.

And I, too, just love our physical space, and put a lot of heart and soul into it but it’s time to move forward, it’s time for change. The only sure thing in life is change.


So, why are we moving?

The initial reason being that the rental fee will increase to a degree where keeping this space for our practice and community just does not make sense anymore. 

You know we are not a big business and I don’t want to just run more classes / workshops and drain myself to keep us afloat. My heart is in providing quality teaching, in having the energy to know and connect to everyone’s practice, and keep us focused on the path of yoga and balance (not the path of overwhelm).

I knew about the increase in rental fee since April this year. Initially, I entertained the idea of creating another yoga space from scratch. But while sitting and reflecting on this for some time it became very clear to me that this is actually not what I want to do (perhaps again in the future, who knows).  In this process of reflection 

I started to understand that:

  • That I really just want to focus my energy on what I love doing: Teaching and being there for you.


  • That to take care of our Mysore program, trainings and workshops I don’t necessarily need to have my own space but can support someone else and rent myself in.


  • A lot of responsibility, energy and time will be lifted from my shoulders if I don’t have to care and maintain a physical space.


  • During the times that I teach (early morning), nobody else is teaching.
​​​​​​​​I am really happy I gave myself this time to sit and really listen within to what truly matters to me and how I want to move our yoga school forward, not rushing into “solutions”. This turned into a beautiful process and new perspectives to sustainably care for our school and community emerged.
 So, where we moving to?
Our new home will be at Yoga Wieteke’s studio. Wieteke created a beautiful space. The practice space is warm and a little bigger than ours. There are separate changing rooms, a kitchen and a large cozy area to sit, have a tea and a chat after practice. There is a good energy in her space. 


I hope you welcome these changes, they allow me to take care of our community and yoga school and us to keep practicing together.

I will also be a little sad to pack up “everything” at our yoga school, but these, after all, are just material things. And so far, since we have been around in 2010 we have moved a few times. 

What I learned since is that we can take the special Bhumi Yoga vibes of “feeling of coming home”, community and feeling accepted as you are with us wherever we go.

And until we move, we just enjoy our beautiful space to the max!

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

xx, Maxi


(I am also really happy Hilke from Yoga050 took her time and found a beautiful way forward for her studio. But that’s not for me to share here. As our space comes to an end our friendship and support of each other continues. Happy for that.)


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