Personal Yoga Coaching

In my personal yoga coaching sessions we work on your specific needs and personal goals. You will feel empowered and supported. I have your back!
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Personal Yoga Coaching 

My personal yoga coaching is for:

1. Beginners to yoga who want to build a safe yoga practice according to their unique needs or for

2. More experienced practitioners who want to work on specific goals / questions / injuries / challenges and for

3. Everyone who wants to integrate yoga as a body-mind self care treatment into their daily lives.

The benefits of personal yoga coaching with me:

  • Your personal yoga coaching trajectory is tailored to your specific needs, life circumstances, personal goals, injuries, health concerns.
  • You will feel seen and understood. 
  • You will feel empowered to cultivate positive and maintainable shifts in your health and well-being.
  • You will feel more stability, possibility, space and joy.
  • You practice in a safe environment.
  • You will feel the benefit of my no-nonsense compassionate and lighthearted approach that integrates my extensive knowledge and experience about yoga, the human body, mind and behaviour
  • I will hold you accountable to your goals.

How it works:

Before your first session we have a free 30 minute intake call. Before the call you will receive my intake form by email so you are prepared for the type of questions I will ask you during the call. The intake is important so that I can best help you during our first yoga coaching session. During the intake call we also schedule our first session.


Online: €99 / hour or a package of 5 sessions for €400

In person at the yoga school: €115 / hour, or a package of 5 sessions for €475 (5 sessions completed in 8 weeks)

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