Reset Yourself

A 3 week program based on Restorative Yoga & Pranayama

For everyone who easily gets overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed

Do you have a demanding life, juggling a myriad of roles at the same time for example managing a bustling household and /or an ambitious career, striving for success? But you also feel like there is a catch. You sometimes feel like drowning in the relentless demands of your career and personal life, striving for excellence while balancing so much on your plate.

You often push over the experience of overwhelm and stress with another coffee or cookie to make it through the day, maybe you frequently engage in high intensity exercise to numb yourself or you frequenlty find yourself endlessly binge-watching on netflix at the end of a demanding day, and sometimes you feel it’s all too much?

If you recognise yourself in the above, then join me for this upcoming three week live- online immersive program!


This program is designed to:

  • Equip you with the knowledge and confidence to effectively implement key practices to help you break free from the shackles of stress and overwhelm
  • Restore inner balance
  • Allow you the experience of inner safety and true rest.

In this three week immersive workshop series you will:

  • Gain insight to what causes overwhelm and stress
  • Understand why Restorative Yoga and gentle pranayama (breath work) are so effective as antidotes to overwhelm and stress; gain insight into the beneficial mechanism of each modality
  • Experience the effectiveness of different restorative poses and how to practice them safely. Herein also experience a true sense of rest, safety and inner nourishment that you can give yourself at any time.
  • Implement a key breathing technique (pranayama) to restore nervous system balance and harmony within
  • Gain the confidence and know-how to apply these techniques in your day-to day life (15 min is already a complete practice) to help you feel anchored and balanced from within when you need it.

Each sessions consist of:

  • 20-25 min theory
  • 20 min of a restoring pranayama (breath work) practice
  •  70 min of a deeply nourishing restorative yoga practice with a specific theme of the day
  • 5 min Q&A

Supplemental worksheets will be provided after each session.

    Dates & Times:

    • 8, 15 and 22 April 2024
    • 19.30-21.30h CET

    Live online over zoom – join from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world

    Cannot join the live meetings? Recordings are available for two months.


    •  Normal rate: €125 
    • For membership holders of Bhumi Yoga: €99 

      Meet your teacher: Maxi

      For more than 15 years, I’ve studied and practised ashtanga and restorative yoga, breath work, Ayurveda, mindfulness and meditation with some of the greatest living masters. I’ve paired this work with my extensive experience and understanding of the human body, psychology and western concepts of somatic psycho-therapy to create a unique somatic coaching and yoga practice.

      As a reformed (academic) perfectionist (PhD in Physiology, MSc in Exercise Science, BSc in Kinesiology, BSc in Psychology) and high performance athlete (World Champion in Rowing and Div. I athlete at OSU), recovering from eating disorder, abusing my body and my brain constantly and gaining external achievement but lacking true contentment, I had to find a spiritual and more embodied solution, a path to freedom away from physical and mental overwhelm and suffering, and I’d love to help you do the same. 

      My first experience with Restorative Yoga was in 2011/12 a time when there was a lot of change in my life, I felt restless and exhausted mentally and physically. Through experimenting and practicing Restorative Yoga on my own I noticed how it helped me feel calm, rested, safe and gave me a new beneficial inner and outer perspectives.  I then took my first comprehensive Restorative Yoga training offered by Bo Forbes entitled “Restorative Yoga, Neurophysiology, psychology and somatics” in London in 2013. Since I followed more trainings, followed the work of senior Restorative Yoga teachers through the International Association of Yoga Therapists network and have been sharing this wonderful practice with many students.

      Moreover, I have been a dedicated student of pranayama for almost 15 years.  My main influences on this path were Matthew Sweeney, Robert Moses and Eddie Stern with whom she has all followed a teacher training. The pranayama teacher training she followed with Robert Moses and Eddie Stern, and the teachings of Matthew left a deep realization with Maxi, that it is the simple and most elemental things that are often by-passed and not taught but that are the most effective in a beneficial pranayama practice.

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        What is the program schedule?

        This is an online program that meets live online on three Mondays. If you cannot attend the live meetings, you can follow all at your own pace using the recordings. After each session Maxi will provide clear instructions on how you can apply what we covered in a simple 10-15min practice, so you can build your inner set-up towards balance and harmony in just 10-15min a day.

        When does my program access expire?

        Access to the recordings s expires 2 months after the last session. During this period you can access the recordings as often as you wish.


        Do I need any additional materials?

        Yes! For this program you will need:

          • 1 mat (or good carpet you can rest on)
          • 2 yoga blocks
          • 1 yoga belt
          • 1 yoga bolster
          • 1 eye cover
          • 4 firm blankets (or 2 blankets and 2 bath towels)
          • 1 yoga cushion (or a pillow)
        What is the refund policy?

        Upon booking the course, no refunds are possible.

        Can I order my props through you?

        Yes if you live in NL or Belgium you can order one of the three prop packages through me (all high quality products)

        1. Package Deluxe:
            • 1 bolster, 2 cork blocks, 1 yoga belt, 1 cushion, 1 eye pillow
            • €115, includes shipping
         2. Package Restore:
            • 1 bolster, 2 cork blocks, 1 yoga belt, 1 eye pillow
            • €85, includes shipping
         3. Package Restore:
            • 1 bolster, 1 yoga belt
            • €52, includes shipping

        To order a props package, email to