Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurveda Nourishment Program

A 6 months in-depth course for all with a serious interest in Yoga

Starts 6 January 2024 | 1 space left

Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurveda Nourishment Program

January – June 2024

This holistic program is designed to resource your understanding of the practice and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. It altogether aims to provide you with the practical skills and theoretical know-how to build and keep momentum,  depth  and nourishment for your practice. Open to students of all levels of practice, also beginners.

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Ontdek yoga in Groningen!

This 6 Months Program is for you if you:

  • Want to deepen your experience and understanding of yoga beyond of what is possible in the Mysore room, or what your current practice is
  • Want to better understand the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga and be more resourced in your practice

  • Want to practice in a holistic way that it not just focused on asana but also integrate the others limbs of yoga and principles and tools of Ayurveda

  • Want to build a sustainable, responsible and compassionate relation to your yoga and life.
  • Don’t just want to follow a yoga teacher training to learn more but really experience the richness of all things yoga yourself  – instead of learning to teach techniques to teach others.



We meet on the following Saturdays of 2024: 6 January, 27 January, 9 March, 6 April, 4 May, 8 June



We meet at our yoga school at Oosterhamriklaan 261a, Groningen (and live online through zoom)



Open to students of all levels of experience, also beginners. The only requirement is to maintain a regular practice for the duration of the program (a regular practice entails at least four practices a week – with at least two practices per week at the shala). When needing to attend most parts of the program online, contact me so we can discuss how to go about this and if this program is a good fit.

Please contact me with any questions you may have herein.

Maxi Meissner Pranayama

Sample of a Course Day

9.00-9.30h Guided Kriya & Pranayama (Simple and effective yogic cleansing and breathing techniques)                                            

9.30-11.30h Ashtanga Practice: A guided workshop-type all-levels led class with a special different focus point per class

11.30-12.30h Break

12.30-12.45h Shanti Mantra and Sutra Chanting (Calming the mind, brightening up the spirit)

12.45-16.00h Practical Asana Workshop and theory lecture  (with a 30min break around 14.15h)


What you will learn about:

Practical Asana Workshop Topics:

These workshops are a deep exploration of the primary series asanas including alignment and modifications, vinyasa count, transitioning in and out of the asana and Sanskrit name.

  • Tristhana (Breath, Gaze and Drsti)
  •  Surya Namaskar A & B
  • Foundational Asanas
  • Standing Asanas & Balancing Poses
  • Seated Asanas to half primary 
  • Second half of primary series asanas
  • Urdhva dhanurasana and finishing poses


Theory Lecture Topics

  • Opening and closing mantras
  • Yoga & Ayurveda anatomy: Gunas, koshas, vayus, dhatus
  • Intro to the yoga sutras
  • History and methodology of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga as a sustainable and life-long practice
  • Yamas and niyamas

Yoga & Ayurvedic Self-Care

  • Pranayama and Kriya 
  • Intuitive energy practice
  • Exploring cause and effect
  • Explore and use simple yet powerful Ayurvedic self-care remedies to restore harmony


What previous participants of the 6 Month Ashtanga Nourishment Program say about this program:

(Please note that the program was called “Ashtanga Intensive” in 2022 and 2023)

The Intensive brought depth and density to my (body-level) understanding of yoga. As compared to before I have a much better (felt) understanding of not only the muscular/skeletal aspects, but also as it relates to the internal organs (thanks to the focus on the bandhas and the pranayama) as well as to the “subtle” body.

I particular appreciated Maxi sharing her understanding of the physiology of the breath. I also appreciated Maxi’s use of simple language to explain complex process. Maxi really has a deep understanding of the subject.



I had some very school-book-like expectations for the yoga antomy and physiology part, thinking more in terms of muscles being engaged.

Instead I learnt about the whole system that I am building up through yoga, kriya and pranayama within my entire body and the ground in the practise. So this was more holistic than I could have expected.

My focus is different now, and when I practise I see the positions more as processes.


Meet Your Teacher: Maxi 


    Hi! I'm Maxi (mom, certified yoga teacher and forever student, PhD, SE practitioner trainee and 600h Ayurveda Health Counselor trainee). For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a source of healing in this world.

    I believe that when we attune to the body’s sensations, the body starts to reveal a guidance and wisdom towards healing that far surpasses the analytical mind. As we awaken to the body’s sensations, we awaken to a different perspective of ourselves, more firmly rooted in agency and self-knowledge. From this point we can make better decisions and shape a more harmonious inner and outer environment.

    In my work I empower people of all walks of life to reconnect to their inner agency and come to a better inner perspective for themselves. 

    Central to my work is holding space every weekday morning in our Mysore Yoga room. My teaching is always personal and geared towards the individual in front of me. In my teaching I use practices such as Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Embodied Coaching, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Chanting.

    My wish is to offer a safe space for you to foster awareness and deep understanding from within. I will offer you practical, safe and simple somatic tools and insights to help you feel balanced, anchored from within and in harmony. These tools will help guide you no matter the complexities in your life and what comes your way.

    Read more here.

    Maxi Meissner

    The Ashtanga Intensive changed my understanding of yoga from a series of asanas to a beautiful technique for self care and love. Now yoga is not only on the matt, but everywhere.

    The workshops gave me tools to help myself mentally and physically, from breath work to self observation, and an acceptance for what is that I had not found elsewhere.                               

    The awareness I have of myself in practice is very different now compared to before the intensive: Now I am much more aware of my breath and can connect to my bandhas.

    Establishing and progressing my pranayama practice was one of the major benefits of this intensive for me. Being able to dedicate a little time every day to regulate the breath has been really beneficial for me. After pranayama I feel a sense of balance which leaves a mutual state from which I then start my asana practice.

    Ele Bailoni


    To join this program, what should my experience level be with Mysore Style practice?

    The only requirement to join this program is the committment to maintain a regular practice (practicing at least 4 times per week and joining at least 2 of the practices in the shala per week). Thus, also beginners can join this program.

    If you are not sure, if this program is for you, please reach out to me at

    This 6 months course is for you if you:
    • Want to deepen your experience and understanding of yoga beyond of what is possible in the Mysore room, or what your current practice is
    • Want to better understand the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga and be more resourced for your practice
    • Want to practice in a holistic way that it not just focued on asana but also integrates the others limbs of yoga and Ayurveda
    • Want to build a sustainable, responsible and compassionate relation to your yoga and life.
    • Don’t just want to follow a yoga teacher training to learn more but really experience the richness of all things yoga yourself  – instead of learning to teach techniques to teach others.
    I may not be able to attend all the Saturdays, can I still join?

    To get the most out of this course, it’s best to block off the study days for this course. However, I understand that life happens and you may miss a day.

    If you are traveling or sick, you can always join a study day (or more) online. This is what participants of previous immersions have done, and found it extremely valuable. 

    Do I need extra material for the course?

    No. You will receive any relevant material in pdf or audio format throughout the course.

    Will there be homework assignments?

    No. There won’t be any homework assignments. I understand everyone has a busy life. Yet, to help you integrate and understand what we explore and study, you will receive reflection questions that will help support you. These questions are just for you.

    Can I receive a teacher certification following this program?

    No. This course is not a teacher training course. It is for those of you who want to dive deeper into your very own journey, you don’t have to prove anything to the teacher nor the group and there is no hassle to attain a certificate. It’s a self study in a group, a real deep dive, for your yoga.

    This is the time for your yoga, your process, enriching your very own practice and life.


    Tuition fees:

    Normal Tuition:

     €699 SIGN IN HERE

    (Tuition for joining weekday Mysore classes are additional)

    Tuition for participants of the 2022 and 2023 Ashtanga Intensive:

    €499  please email to book in

    Sign up:

    By clicking on the button below you can sign up for this comprehensive program.



    I decided to sign up for Maxi’s Ashtanga yoga intensive training sessions (start January ’22) because of 3 reasons.The first reason is that I wanted to get more background knowledge on Ashtanga yoga philosophy. Regular physical practice in the morning is great but is not providing you with all the in-depth elements of Ashtanga yoga. The second reason was to learn and practice more techniques when it comes to breathing, kriya’s etc. The third reason to sign up was to have an opportunity to meet face to face with fellow practitioners and share learnings and have some fun together.
    After 6 sessions I can happily say I was rewarded on all of the reasons to sign up. I have learned much more about the backgrounds of Ashtanga yoga and where things come from. It’s even more clearly a way of life to me now instead of just the physical practice I started with over 2 years ago. (Also makes you aware of where you are and that you are never done learning). I also learned and practiced a whole new set of techniques and experienced some positive effects of breathing, kriya’s and chanting. 
    The enthusiasm that Maxi is showing in sharing her knowledge and experience is adding to the great atmosphere during the sessions. She conveys the message very well and flexible with the program where needed. The friendly group of participants were very open in sharing their experiences and thoughts and that helps in overcoming your personal challenges.
    The good thing about the intensive is that it is spread out over 6 months of time which allows for practicing the things you learn and to come back the next time with more questions.
    If you are a Ashtanga practitioner I can definitely recommend attending one of the next Yoga intensive editions in the future.
    Bert Oosting

    “I followed the Ashtanga Intensive last year and it was a great gift to myself: a deep dive into ashtanga yoga over the course of six months. It enables you to build a practice that is suitable to your personal needs, and allows you to experience the benefits of pranayama and kriya practices over a longer period of time.

    It was wonderful to share this solo yoga practice in a small dedicated group, the personal challenges, changes, victories, and frustrations that somehow always seemed to resonate.
    The program is well rounded and each individual session is nicely structured and focuses on the physical aspects of practice as the more philosophical/spiritual ones. Maxi gives great pointers for your asana practice, but also invites you to think about yoga beyond your mat.
    It is her warm presence and energy that has me returning (even after moving to Amsterdam) to her shala in Groningen again and again, ever since I started my practice with her in 2016.
    I think this program offers a wonderful foundation for someone at the beginning of their yoga journey, and a welcome deepening of the practice for the more experience ashtangi.