Ashtanga Yoga Workshops Groningen

with Maxi

For everyone who already practices Ashtanga Yoga

2024 Dates: 25/5, 12/10


Support your practice, motivation, perspective and know-how, on and off the mat.



Many of you have shared that you love the Ashtanga Mysore Yoga morning classes, have experienced the benefits of your practice, and would like to learn more tools and dive deeper into your yoga journey, beyond of what is possible in the morning classes. You’re looking for inspiration, guidance and support for implementing practical solutions; and for keeping your inspiration for practice ignited.

I hear you. I’ve been there.  

The Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner Inspiration Workshop days will provide you with the practical tools, solutions, knowledge, perspective and inspiration for maintaining momentum on your journey while diving deeper into the journey of the 8 limbs of yoga (Ashtanga yoga). Ultimately these special days of study support your consistency, inspiration, know-how, rootedness in your practice and connectedness to what you are doing.

Nothing beats coming together in a group setting, exploring and studying and sharing time on the path of yoga together for gaining fresh and inspiring perspectives for your practice; the depths of learning and insights go far beyond of what it possible during the morning Mysore classes.

Ashtanga Yoga Workshops in the Netherlands

A study day with me is an opportunity to take space to nourish yourself and your practice. For some it is a deep dive into self-study. For others, it’s a time to gently unfold and soak up the nuggets of inspiration and the magic of the group energy.

One of the benefits of setting this time apart for your study, away from your regular routine, is that we have the possibility to have a fresh look onto what we are doing and why, from a more conscious place. This new found inspiration and perspective we can then integrate into our practice and our everyday lives.

For whom?

The Ashtanga Study days are for all who are currently practicing Ashtanga yoga and who have a zest for diving deeper into the path of yoga while coming together in this supportive group setting.

If you are not familiar with kriya and pranayama yet, don’t worry: I will pick you up where you are at; and the asana and philosophy topics will always be relevant and accessible for all practitioners.




In 2024 these special days of Ashtanga study will take place 25 May and 12 October.

To get the most inspiration, build up on the techniques and integrate all pieces it is recommended to sign in for all sessions. However, we know that not everyone can always attend all days, so it’s also possible to sign in for single sessions – and all sessions can also stand by themselves.



All sessions will take place in our beautiful shala at Oosterhamriklaan 261a in Groningen.


What we will do:

May 25:

During this comprehensive workshop day we will deeply explore backbends (build up to, moderations, backbends of the second series, how to approach drop-backs) and the dhatus (the seven tissue layers that nourishment has to pass through adequately to nourish us). Suitable for all Ashtanga Practitioners.

October 12:

Harmonious Second Series for all. Suitable for all Ashtanga practitioners. This workshop entails an intro to intermediate series up to ardha matsyendrasana, with modifications for all poses in a safe way for everyone. Meant to facilitate a path for all students and levels of ability to intelligently get started with this series and if already practicing intermediate series gain valuable insights into this practice.

yoga les voor iedereen in groningen
Maxi Meissner Pranayama

Schedule during these Study Days



Short Philosophy Talk to set the theme for the day, Intuitive Energy Practice (Meditation), Kriya & Pranayama

9.45-11.30h: Guided Asana Practice focused on the theme of the workshop day

11.30-13.00h Break

13.00-14.15h Chanting, Applied Yoga and Ayurveda Philosophy & Physiology

14.30-16.00h Asana explorations & closing

A few days to prior to the workshop all supplemental info will be sent to you in a pdf.


Meet the teacher, Maxi:

Hi, I’m Maxi (PhD, certified yoga teacher, mom, 600h Ayurveda health counselor trainee ). I know what it’s like to feel lost, imbalanced and hassling through life driven by fear. This was my life until I started to refocus.

Let’s face it, we all navigate through life bombarded by materialistic remedies that promise to cure all our ill-feelings and insecurities but leave us more empty and broke.

The clarity, focus, joy and agency I find through my dinacharya (daily rituals of yoga, Ayurveda and paying attention) are just unparalleled and have greatly helped me take to deep root within myself while cultivating more harmony in my inner and outer world. 

In my teaching I am passionate about empowering people of all walks of life to find better inner perspectives for themselves. People describe me as a compassionate teacher who really connects to everyone individually. In my work I light-heartedly and skillfully combine my extensive experience and knowledge about the human body, movement, brain and behaviour.

During this retreat my wish is to offer you practical yet simple tools and insights to help you feel balanced, anchored from within and in harmony, no matter what comes your way.

Maxi Meissner


Regular rate single day: €100 (€90 for membership holders

Regular rate for both days €180 (€165 for membership holders)

*students of recognized studies receive 20% off (please email to sign in)

Even though I practiced with you only one day as I don’t live in Groningen, the inspiration day really changed my routines. The way you taught was intensely positive, I have really happy memories of that day, and mostly I learned many really useful things
Also, that brief lunchtime discussion together at the table also helped a lot in sorting my thoughts about practice. That I have more peace with how often I can do the full series, that it’s okay not to do it 6 days a week, that it’s okay that right now it might not be the time in my life, and that even doing sports on the side is not a problem. Hearing the stories of mothers practicing with children, of women living in the countryside simply attending Mysore once or twice a week, that really helped. 
I am very grateful for what you taught us that day, and I just thought you should know that you left a real impact. 

Medical doctor

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy as stated in the terms and conditions:

A participation for a workshop may be canceled only in writing. Cancellations can be done by sending an email to:

The conditions for canceling a retreat are:

  1. Up to 8 months prior to the start of the workshop, a workshop can be canceled with a 100%, with €25 deducted from the refund for administration fees.
  2. Up to 6 months prior to the start of the workshop, a 75% refund is possible (with €25 deducted from the refund for administration fees).
  3. Up to 3 months prior to the start of the workshop, a 50% refund is possible (with €25 deducted from the refund for administration fees).
  4. In the period of 3 months leading up to the workshop no refund is possible anymore, unless there is a documented medical reason shown prior to the workshop.